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    Income & Expense Accounting for Property Management

    Income & Expense Accounting

    Ideal template to manage the accounting of a property or an apartment (real estate), simply entering the income and the expenses. The list of tenants are managed with a cost center.

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    Property XXX

    Accounting 2022

    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Sum In
      Cash Cash Assets
      Post Post office current account Assets
      Bank Bank Assets
      Rents receivable Rents receivable Assets
      Machinery Machinery and applicances Assets
      Office forniture Office furniture Assets
      Computer Computer Assets
      Software Software Assets
      Building Building Assets
      Land Land Assets
    Assets   Total Assets Net Estate
      Suppliers Suppliers Liabilities
      Mortgage Mortgage Liabilities
      Deposit from tenants Deposit from tenants Liabilities
    Liabilities   Total Liabilities Net Estate
    Net Estate   NET ESTATE  
    Table: Categories
    Group Category Description Sum In
      Rental income Rental income Income
      Other rental Other rental related income Income
      Other income Other income Income
    Income   Total Income Result
      Advertising Advertising for tenants Expenses
      Property agent fees Property agent fees/commission Expenses
      Legal expenses Legal expenses Expenses
      Insurance Insurance Expenses
      Land taxes Land taxes Expenses
      Licence and permits License and permits Expenses
      Depreciation Depreciation Expenses
      Repairs Repairs and maintenance Expenses
      Electricity Electricity expenses Expenses
      Water Water charges Expenses
      Heating Heating expenses Expenses
      Cleaning Cleaning Expenses
      Gardening/Lawn mowing Gardening/Lawn mowing Expenses
      Pest control Pest control Expenses
      Stationery, telephone and postage Stationery, telephone and postage Expenses
      Materials Materials Expenses
      Interest on mortgage Interest on mortgage Expenses
      Miscellaneous expenses Miscellaneous expenses Expenses
    Expenses   Total Expenses Result
        Profit and Cost centers  
      ;T01 Tenant 1 T
      ;T02 Tenant 2 T
      ;T03 Tenant 3 T
      ;T04 Tenant 4 T
    T   Total tenants  
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