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    Yacht, Boats, Cruises Income & Expense Accounting Log Book with Budget and Cash Plan

    Income & Expense Accounting

    Easily start log your boat's income and expenses and know right away how much your boat costs and how much you spent on fuel, maintenance, food and all other categories. Link transactions with a digital receipt and get rid of paper. Prepare the budget and you also have cash forecast and comparisons. Easily present accurate reports to the shipowner.

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    Track yacht or sailboat expenses and revenues. No need of accounting experience.

    Easy to use Accounting software for Yacht. Predefined account file with chart of account, with comprehensive list of expenses (Engine, Crew, Administrative, Guests) and Revenues, that can be easily adapted for your specific needs.

    This accounting template provides.

    • Predefined account chart with Expenses (Engine, Crew, Administrative, Guests) and Revenues that can be easily adapted for your specific needs.
    • Cost and revenues subdivision also by cruise.




    Template preview

    Best Yacht

    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Sum In
      Cash Cash 10
      Credit Card Credit Card 10
      Bank Bank 10
      Money Transit Money Transit 10
    10   Total liquid assets 1
      Shipowner Shipowner: Benefits & Sponsorship 11
    11   Total other assets 1
      Machine Assets Machine Room Assets 12
      Hull Assets Hull Assets 12
      Deck Assets Deck Assets 12
      Below Assets Below Deck Assets 12
      Sail Assets Rigging & Sail Assets 12
    12   Totale Hull and Restructuring 1
      Suppliers Suppliers 2
      Bank Loan Bank Loan 2
      Partner Financier Partner Financier 2
    0   NET ESTATE  
    Table: Categories
    Group Category Description Sum In
      Shipowner Charter Shipowner Charter 4
      Third parties Carter Third parties Carter 4
      Shipowner Cash Shipowner Cash 4
      Guests Cash Guests Cash 4
      Extraordinary Income Extraordinary Income 4
    4   TOTAL INCOME 00
      Crew Wages Crew Wages 30
      Crew Insurances Crew Insurances 30
      Crew Transports Crew Transports 30
      Crew Food Crew Food 30
    30   Total crew costs 3
      Hull Improvements Hull Improvements 31
      Engine Improvements Engine Improvements 31
      Electrical Improvements Electrical Improvements 31
      Internal Improvements Internal Improvements 31
      Sail Improvements Sail and Rigging Improvements 31
    31   Total improvement costs 3
      Hull Maintenance Hull Maintenance 32
      Engine Maintenance Engine Maintenance 32
      Electrical Maintenance Electrical Maintenance 32
      Miscellaneous Maintenance Miscellaneous Maintenance 32
      Tender Maintenance Tender Maintenance 32
    32   Total maintenance costs 3
      Corporate Corporate 33
      Insurance Yacht Insurance 33
      Office Office Material 33
      Pharmacy Pharmacy / Hygiene 33
      Communication Communication / Wireless 33
      Bank Charges Bank Charges 33
    33   Total administrative costs 3
      Fuel Fuel 34
      Moorings Moorings 34
      Food Guests Guests and General Food 34
      Food Shipowner Shipowner Good 34
      Wine Wine 34
      Laundry Laundry 34
      Guests transport Guests Transport 34
      Various Various 34
    34   Total operating/charter costs 3
    00   RESULT  
        Profit and Cost centers  
      .Cruise1 Cruise 1 C
      .Cruise2 Cruise 2 C
      .Cruise3 Cruise 3 C
    C   Total cruise  
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