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    PayPal Templates | Double-entry

    Double-Entry Accounting

    Double-entry template files predefined for importing PayPal transactions.

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    Run Banana Accounting Plus on your browser without any installation. Customize the template, enter the transactions and save the file on your computer.

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    Template documentation

    PayPal import transaction

    Banana has an import filter that allows you to directly import the PayPal transactions data in your accounting file. 

    The attached files are predefined with the accounts so that you can start immediately using it.

    There are two template example files you can download and open in Banana:

    Files suitable for

    These template files are especially suitable in case you have only one PayPal preferred currency.

    The imported transactions will automatically be imported to the currency account, so that you can separately see all transactions.
    If in PayPal you keep balances in different currencies, it will be more suitable to use a PayPal accounting in Multicurrency.  

    Even if you use another accounting software, you will find that is very efficient to keep a separate accounting in Banana and keep your PayPal accounting  in it. Instead of recording all transactions in your accounting solution, you can keep a separated accounting in Banana and once a month or when needed, only record the summary movement for the period in your accounting solution . 

    Further adapting the file

    The file can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

    Adding new accounts and new currencies

    • In the Accounts table, add new accounts for other currencies or for different Income or Expense types.

    Changing to another Basic currency

    This file can easily be converted into one with another Basic currency.

    Add VAT/Sales Tax, change language or convert into another type

    Use Convert to new file to add more options or change the accounting file settings.


    Template preview

    Company XX

    Accounting 2016

    Basic Currency: EUR


    Table: Accounts
    Group Description Sum In Gr1
        BALANCE SHEET    
      1000 Paypal Account EUR 1  
      1001 Paypal Account USD 1  
      1002 Paypal Account CHF 1  
      1003 Paypal Account GBP 1  
      1004 Paypal Account YPY 1  
      1005 Paypal Account CAD 1  
      1006 Paypal Account ... 1  
      1500 Bank Account (internal transfer) 1  
    1   TOTAL ASSETS 00 1
      2300 Profit or loss brought forward 2  
    230   Profit or loss of the current year 2 1
      3000 Paypal Out 3  
      3001 Paypal Fee 3  
      3002 Other ... 3  
      3100 Exchange rate loss 3  
    3   TOTAL EXPENSES 02 1
      4000 Paypal In 4  
      4100 Exchange rate profit 4  
    4   TOTAL REVENUE 02 1
    02   Profit(-) Loss(+) from Profit & Loss Statement 230 1
    00   Difference should be = 0 (blank cell)    
      .D1 Division 1 CD  
      .D2 Division 2 CD  
      .D3 Division 3 CD  
    CD   Total Division   1
      ,P1 Project 1 CP  
      ,P2 Project 2 CP  
      ,P3 Project 4 CP  
    CP   Total Division car expenses    
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