How to open a New Year and close the current one

News • 28/12/2022 •
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Discover how to close the accounting year in Banana Accounting Plus and how to create the New Year's file. In order to have continuity and serenity of work, it is also worth starting the New Year with an updated software.


Closing your accounting and creating the New Year

The transition to the new accounting period is always a very important moment and with Banana Accounting Plus you can do it in a very simple way. We have improved the documentation pages, adding several useful information.

Double-entry accounting:

  • Create the New Year's file so you can immediately start entering the transactions in the new accounting period, even if you have not yet closed the accounting of the previous year.
  • Close the year - how to proceed with the accounting operations at the end of the year.

Multi-currency accounting:

Income/Expense accounting:

We have also posted a series of notes and suggestions on the Preparing the documentation for Audit page.

Easier closures with Banana Accounting Plus

The Balance column, available in the Transactions table of Banana Accounting Plus, facilitates your end-of-the-year operations, and proves to be very useful to spot possible differences.

Video: see how the Balance column works

Colonna Saldo in Banana Contabilità Plus

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