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Need support? We're here to help!
Follow the suggested steps to resolve your support request in a timely and effective manner.

1. Update to the latest version

The first thing to do is to check which version you have:

  • Do you already have a version of Banana Accounting Plus? From the Help menu > Check for updates, see if you already have the latest release, if not, download it for free. Open your file and check if the problem still exists.
  • Do you have an old Banana Accounting version? Download and install Banana Accounting Plus for free - it will operate according to the Free plan. Open your file and check if the problem still exists. Many things have been improved! If the issue is resolved, update to the latest version by purchasing one of the paid plans.

2. Recheck your accounting

Do you get an error message, an accounting difference or something feels wrong?
Many issues can be simply solved just by using the Check accounting command from the Actions menu or with the Shift + F9 keys (Windows and Mac) or Cmd + 9 (Mac).

3. Contextual Help punto interrogativo tabella

Wherever you are in Banana Accounting there is always a Help button that takes you directly to the documentation page where you can find all the information on that specific situation, the possible causes of any problems and the relative answers. More info on contextual help.

4. Search the documentation

Did the previous step not solve your problem? Check out our documentation:

5. Customized technical support

  • Before contacting technical support make sure you have completed the previous steps.
  • Check what version/plan you have through the Help menu > About Banana Accounting or through the Help menu > Manage subscription
  • See what kind of technical support you are entitled to according to your version, and contact us through one of the forms:
Banana Accounting Plus
Advanced plan
Free Support
For all technical issues
3 cases/year
Contact Form
Banana Accounting Plus
Professional and Free plan
Limited Support
Free Support for installation and bug report issues
Paid Support for all other technical issues
Generic Contact Form
Banana Accounting 9, 8, 7
and previous versions
Support NOT available anymore
Purchase the Banana Accounting+ Advanced plan to be entitled to free support


  • We are available during working days, from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm (CET).
  • To access the technical support, you must be a registered user: Banana Accounting Plus users are automatically registered at the moment of program activation; the others must register their product manually.
  • The support only provides technical information related to the use of the program: It does NOT include any kind of accounting and fiscal advice or information.
  • The Banana Accounting Plus subscription granted free of charge to schools or particular institutions does not include technical support. If necessary, this will be billed or payment for the subscription will be required.

For Advanced plan users ONLY
Support through the Advanced Contact Form is the best way to contact us, because our staff sees important information such as version and operating system. There is also a telephone number, available during office hours: +41 (0) 91 210 49 37.

  • When calling you must first indicate your email, so that our staff can verify that it corresponds to an Advanced subscription.
  • To provide a quality service, our staff does not answer questions from users who do not hold a valid Advanced subscription.

Paid support

Paid Support is available for CHF 70.-/each 30 min unit. See our price list.
Paid support is required in the following cases:

  • Version without support
    If you have a version of Banana that does not include support
    (Upgrade to the Advanced plan to qualify for free customised support)
  • Urgent Priority Support
    If you already have the Advanced plan of Banana Plus but want urgent priority support.
  • Specialist Support
    If you want specialised support for particular issues such as setting up, modifying or correcting the chart of accounts, deleting passwords, use of CSS and Javascript for the QR invoice, or other complex tasks.


We really appreciate feedback from our users. If you don't need support but would like to leave us an appreciation, suggestion, or criticism,  please go to the feedback form.

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