What's New in Banana Accounting+

Simplify and speed up your accounting

Full compatibility with previous versions: open your files with Banana Plus and start working right away!


New features in Banana Accounting Plus:

New features compared to version 9. Also explore the new features compared to version 8 and version 7.

Instant update to new version

Hassle-free transition: Banana Accounting Plus seamlessly reads and writes files from previous versions.

Upon opening the program, your Recent and Favorite files will be readily available on the new Start page, and you can immediately resume work as before.

Files modified with Banana Accounting Plus can always be re-opened with the old versions, giving you the flexibility to work with the version of your choice.

Automate and simplify your work

Innovative new features allow you to dramatically save time and reduce your workload.


Save time with the Balance column

Thanks to the new Balance column in the Transactions table, you can instantly spot accounting differences. An incredible help when you have to close the accounting or create the VAT statement. This innovation has been met with great enthusiasm and those who try it never go back!

"It's fantastic! Thanks to the new Balance column, I can quickly identify any errors. If I correct one, I immediately see the next error... Now it takes me only one-third of the time to perform the audit...... - Mr. Eberle


Automatically import bank statements

With Banana Accounting Plus Rules, you can quickly turn your bank statement transactions into complete transactions.

  • Import your bank statement digitally – the Advanced plan supports all major banks and standard formats
  • Set up your Rules just once, and they will be automatically applied every time

Bank transactions are now transformed into complete entries with counterpart, cost center, VAT code, etc. The Rules feature is available exclusively with the Advanced plan.

"The Rules from bank import function work great! They make accounting much easier and faster!" - G. Goroesch

Boost your control and editing speed with the Filter and the Temporary Sort Rows

Efficiently review and edit entered data with the Filter and the temporary Sort rows features:

Use the Filter to instantly find the transactions you are looking for and edit them directly from the Transactions table. Remove the filter and the edited entries will go back to their original order.

With the Temporary Sort rows command, you can temporarily arrange the transactions as desired. Remove the sorting criteria to revert back to the original layout.

"The solution with the rows filter and the Ctrl + L shortcut is simply fantastic. I have always wished for it. Well done!" - B. Heller

Digital Links - Say goodby to document hunting

Enhanced functionality for digital document management:

  • Smart entries - When typing any part of the file name for attachment, the program displays only relevant documents that match your input and haven't been attached yet. Fast and efficient!
  • Document renaming - Easily rename digital documents in Banana, automatically updating the corresponding file names in your computer folder.
  • Links in all tables - the Link column is available in all tables.

Experience increased efficiency and quick access to your documents with just a click. Say goodbye to the need for paper documents.

Export to PDF with all attachments

Did you know that a regular PDF file can contain attachments? 
When exporting your data to PDF, you can now also include the digital attachments you have entered into your accounting file (Advanced plan).

Gain a competitive edge by swiftly sending clients or auditors a comprehensive PDF dossier. This single file encompasses all accounting documentation, streamlining access to relevant records and documents.

Better import options

Reading .ZIP files

If your bank or credit card provides you with the data of your transactions in a  .zip format, now you can import this file directly into Banana Accounting Plus.

Importing multiple files

Some banks provide transactions data month by month. You can now import several transaction files at the same time, for the same account. The time you save is remarkable!

Professional looking invoices and reports

Modern and customizable financial statements, reports and printouts; invoices also with QR code.

New invoice layouts, also with QR

Do you already manage invoices in your accounting file? Our new generation of invoice layouts gives you many more customization options than before: better define margins, indicate where you want to put the customer address or logo, product images, etc.

The new invoice layouts, CH10 for Switzerland and UNI11 for international users, streamline and expedite the creation of your invoices. Easily add a QR code or your bank details and instantly generate your invoices in PDF!

Some advanced customization features, such as the possibility of adding product pictures, are available only in the Advanced plan.

Batch printing of invoices with data in Excel

Brand new option to make work even easier for our users accustomed to Excel.

Quickly print bulk invoices with Swiss QR-Codes from a data list in Excel. Ideal for sending bulk invoices to customers or members of an association.

This feature is only available with the Advanced plan.

Printing PDF invoices in separate files

You can now print several invoices at the same time:

  • Define how you name the invoices
  • Get each invoice in a separate PDF file

Reminders and delivery notes

In the Print invoice dialogue you can now choose the type of document to be printed (Print as), both for integrated invoicing and for the Offers and Invoices applications:

  • Create delivery note with or without amounts
  • Create estimate
  • Create invoice or pro-forma invoice
  • Create payment reminder 1, 2 or 3

From print preview you can save everything in PDF format. This feature is available with the Advanced plan only.

Ready for the 2024 Swiss VAT rates

On 1 January 2024, VAT rates have changed in Switzerland. Banana Accounting Plus is ready for this transition and will guide you step by step:

  • New VAT Codes table with the rates for 2024, available for download and automatic import.
  • VAT Form 2024 - free for all plans until June 30, 2024. Starting from July 1st 2024, it will be available only with the Advanced plan.

Learn more

New and improved applications

We have created new applications and further developed existing ones to offer you more and more with a single program.

Estimates and Invoices management

Designed for those who want to manage Estimates and Invoices separately from the accounting file.

  • Create offers, duplicate them to create different options and then convert the approved one into an invoice.
  • Enjoy customizable invoices, even with a QR code, notes, product pictures and much more.
  • Create invoices in different language, according to your customer's language.

Some advanced customization features, such as the possibility of adding product pictures, are available in the Advanced plan only.

Inventory Management

New and effective way to quickly and easily manage your inventory or warehouse with items of any kind.  Record entries, exits and movements of goods from one location to another, also with a link to the Projects table.

See immediately how many items you have in stock, their value, the always updated balances of the items. For each item you have the complete card with all the movements.

You can also obtain the detail of the items for each location.

Time sheet with Project management

You can now use the Time sheet App not only to manage your working schedule but as a personal organizer: you can assign your time spent on different projects or customers.

  • Additional optional columns, such as for example the ones to calculate extra time (on festive days or at night)
  • Add more than one row for the same day, useful to manage different Projects

Even more functional user interface and use

Banana Accounting Plus offers several innovative features that significantly improve your workflow.

More immediate and direct menus

  • Menus and commands that are more intuitive and functional: The Report menu now includes all output and printing commands, while the Actions menu groups the main operational functions.
  • We added the Appearance command in the Window menu: you can now customize the Develop menu display and switch between light and dark modes.

Printing Graphs

In Banana's information window you can view charts by account or group. You can now make the most of them:

  • Print the chart or save it as an image
  • Copy the chart
  • Copy the data that generated it

These features are only available in the Advanced plan.

Optimized for the latest operating systems

Operating systems are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and Banana Accounting Plus keeps up with the latest advancements.

  • Light and dark screen modes
  • Better graphics for high-resolution screens
  • Optimized for Mac Big Sur (Monterey), and for Apple M1 processors (Rosetta)
  • Updated Linux libraries, optimized for Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS: most of the desktop features available on the go

Mobile version - access your data anywhere

Stay on top of your accounting, even on the go: With Banana Accounting Plus mobile app for Android and iOS, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're a busy professional or a student on-the-go, our app allows you to easily enter transactions, manage your accounts, and learn double-entry accounting on your smartphone.


360º control and security

With Banana Accounting Plus you have total control over your data
and if you need help you benefit from excellent support tools.

Secure data

Data saving has been enhanced to ensure even more security and prevent accidental loss. The program creates a local copy of the accounting data, so that if work or the network connection is interrupted files are automatically saved.

Even with the subscription, the privacy of the data is guaranteed. Banana Accounting Plus continues to be a NON Cloud software, therefore the data is always safe on your computer: you decide with whom to share it.

More targeted and effective support

Banana Accounting Plus gives you the help you need and when you need it:

Functional contextual help - within the program, you'll find instant help buttons that are specific to the context you're working on.

Enhanced online resources - always accessible, updated, and expanded online documentation. New video tutorials.

Personalized technical support - for our Advanced plan users, we have implemented a dedicated support line.

Subscription mode

Operating systems, applications, payment methods are constantly updated.
In order to continue offering you the highest quality, we had to opt for a subscription solution.

Choose the best subscription for you!

All plans offer highly professional features with immediate results:

Free - For trying out the programme, for beginners or students, or for personal use
Professional - For those who like to keep it simple. Standard features granting professional results. 
Advanced - For those who need ultimate speed and for those subject to Swiss VAT. Maximum automation and customisation.

Choose the subscription that suits you best and start enjoying all the new features!
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Install it on all your devices

With the annual subscription you can install Banana Accounting Plus on all your desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Up to 5 installations with the same registered user email. For companies please visit the Multi-user page.

Unlock the full potential with the Advanced plan!

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus includes all the features of the Free and Professional plans, but also has exclusive extensions, advanced customization possibilities and is the only plan with direct personalized technical support.

Explore all the benefits of the Advanced plan!