What's New in Banana Accounting+

More peace of mind. Increased efficiency. With Banana Accounting+ you can manage your accounts perfectly, at all levels.

We here introduce the new features of Banana Accounting Plus (or version 10) compared to version 9.
If you have earlier versions, check the New features compared to version 8 or the New features compared to version 7.

Even more user-friendly

For a more relaxed and productive user experience: the new Start Page makes beginning easier, new icons and improved graphics account for a lighter interface.

The program becomes even faster and more enjoyable to use: better data search, row sorting, payment entry, budget set up, graph display, and much more!

Immediately find what you need

We have rearranged the menu commands to make them more immediate and direct according to the feedback from our users. Find what you need right away!

Instantly see accounting differences

The new Balance column (Verification Balance) in the Transactions table allows you to immediately see if and where there are accounting differences.

A great little innovation designed to make your life easier!

Keep your documents at hand

Work more efficiently and with peace of mind: now you can insert links to digital documents in any table. Keep your documents always just a click away, making paper documents unnecessary.

Quickly create estimates and invoices

With Banana Accounting+ you can create and manage invoices in two different ways:

  1. Integrated invoicing - in your accounting file - More customization possibilities, QR invoice format.
  2. Independent invoicing - create quotes and invoices independently from your accounting. Convert quotes into invoices when the work is done.

Both methods are practical and fast: get personalized invoices according to the new QR standard, even by entering only your IBAN code. You can of course also enter various other information that helps you track payments in an instant. Create invoices in different languages for customers of different nationalities.

Manage your inventory

New and effective way to quickly and easily manage your inventory or warehouse with items of any kind.  Record the entries and exits and the movement of goods from one location to another, also with a link to the Projects table.

Take advantage of our improved reports

Several important details have been improved, making print settings more practical and offering more possibilities. Our users know that everything on the screen is printable, but now it's even easier!

Swiss VAT report in XML format to be directly uploaded to the AFC website.

Annual subscription

The IT world is changing fast: operating systems, applications, online payment methods are constantly updated.

Banana.ch SA has always supported a free-standing version, but in order to continue to offer the quality product that our users appreciate so much, we have now had to adopt a subscription-based solution. We have kept the price as low as possible.

The subscription allows us to continuously innovate and respond more quickly to users' requests, but it has great advantages for you as well:

  • You always have the innovations and applications to the new regulations immediately
  • You always stay up to date but introduce the new features one at a time, in a harmonious and gradual way.
  • You can forget the stress of lost license keys, compatibility or updates.


Install it on all your devices

With the annual subscription you can install Banana Accounting Plus on all your desktop, laptops and mobile devices. Up to 5 installations with the same registered user email. For companies please visit the Multi-user page.

Are you an expert? Use the ADVANCED plan

We maintain our policy of always offering a highly professional product at an extremely competitive price: a little more than two cups of coffee a month for the PROFESSIONAL plan.

The ADVANCED plan provides advanced features for professional accountants, trustees, large firms or IT experts:

  • Possibility of advanced invoices customization (javascript created by the user, css modifications to our stylsheets, modification of functions with javascript)
  • Customizable extensions (possibility to create individual scripts)
  • Budget with the possibility of entering formulas
  • Personalized support
  • New and continuous advanced developments

See the details of the different plans.

Further improvements

Optimized for new operating systems

Operating systems are evolving faster and faster. Banana Accounting+ offers greater compatibility.

  • Improved support for dark-mode.
  • Strengthening of data storage. The program creates a local copy of the accounting, so that if the work or the network connection is interrupted, files are automatically saved.
  • Windows → we improved graphics when using one or more high resolution screens.
  • Mac Big Sur → we support the next generation of the Mac operating system. We also plan to release versions for ARM processors in the future.
  • Linux → we are using the latest libraries and the improved Snap installation system.
  • Android and iOS → we will support mobile systems even better and offer most of the features available in the desktop version.
    The new data backup system will ensure greater data security and better integration with the native saving functions.