Multi-site accounting with Banana Accounting+
Submitted by michael on

Banana Accounting Plus is well suited for keeping accounts of companies and organisations that are based in different regions, or that need to manage projects and company departments separately, and then group them into a single accounting system. It is an effective solution with very low management costs, also thanks to the new features introduced with Banana Accounting Plus.

New Release 10.1.18 of Banana Accounting+
Submitted by michael on

We are pleased to announce the new Banana Accounting Plus update (release) 10.1.18. In this release we have made several improvements and corrected minor issues reported by users, thus ensuring an even smoother experience. We invite all users to download and install this update in order to benefit from the improvements of version 10.1 and ensure an optimal accounting experience.

Present and future of Banana Accounting
Submitted by paola on

Banana Accounting is an essential tool for the majority of our clients, with continuity being one of its most cherished features, to which we assign great importance. With this purpose in mind, we aim to provide our clients with clear insights into the present and future of Banana Accounting, both in terms of pricing policies and technological advancements.