License Key Recovery version 9

License Key recovery it is only possible in Banana Accounting 9.

Banana Accounting 9 launched in 2019. It is not our latest version and will not be developed in the future.
Banana 9 is NOT compatible with the new Windows 11 and the latest versions of Windows 10, Mac OSX 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 13 Ventura, Sonoma 14: there have been reports of problems with certain configurations and devices.
Do you want a version always up to date? Try Banana Plus now and get 1 month FREE
(offer reserved to owners of any Banana Accounting previous version).
For Banana Accounting Plus there are no more license keys, as the subscription is linked to the user's email. Way easier!
In order to update to Banana Accounting Plus you don't need to recover your previous version's license key.

License Key Recovery for version 9

Have you lost your license key of your Banana Accounting 9 and want to recover it?
Enter here the email used during registration / purchase.

N.B. Only cases with information actually present in our database will be processed, otherwise they will be ignored.

If you have not yet registered your product, you can do it directly from the application by going to the Help menu and selecting Register, after which you can retrieve your license key through this page.
For older versions there is a charge for the license key recovery service.

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