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The Balance Sheet forecast displays the Balance Sheet for a future period. It is an important tool for tracking the management of your company and allows you to verify what the company's capital structure will be like, the state of assets, of liabilities and the equity.

With Banana Accounting, thanks to the forecasting with the double entry method, you have complete forecast budgets and that you can arrange in different ways. The program also calculates forecasts over several years.
You can access a very precise vision of what the future balance sheet will look like.
The structure of the budget is the same as that used in the accounting file. When printing, you can indicate which values to display, those of the final balance, the estimate or both of those.

The forecast values are calculated taking into account the opening balances and forecast movements indicated in the Budget table. When you change a budget entry, the forecasts are instantly updated. You can simulate and test, relocate a payment, add an investment, modify sales and see how the budget changes over time.

Budget forecast values can be displayed in several ways.

Detailed forecast

The financial forecast, based on the double entry method, allows to obtain the forecasts of the balance sheet values, using the same accounts and groups as those of the accounting file. The same structure of the items that make up the financial statements is used for forecasting. Values and reports are available automatically to display in detail, day by day, how liquidity evolves, the situation of customers.

The Banana Accounting forecast presents the values for assessing the financial, equity and economic situation. The structure is customizable, it can be presented in a simple way, including the main groups and the accounts that are part of it, or in a more complex way, by inserting subgroups, for a more detailed view.


Current assets

  • Liquidity
  • Credits
  • Inventory

Fixed assets

  • Movable assets
  • Real estate


Third party capital

  • Short term debt
  • Long term debt

Own capital

  • Reserves
  • Profit/Loss previous years
  • Profit/Loss current year

Account table

In the Budget column of the Accounts table you access forecast values for all accounts and balance groups available. In a glance you have an instant overview of the budget. The values refer to the accounting period and the variations are calculated automatically with respect to the current balance.

If you need more details, you can add accounts or groups.

accounts previous

Enhanced Balance sheet with groups

Through Enhanced Balance Sheet with groups command, you can view the Provisional Balance Sheet, choosing the presentation mode you need.

Using the different options you can customize your prints. Below are some examples.

Forecast balance sheet at the end of the current year

This print has been set up with the figures for the current year only.

balance sheet previous year

Forecast budget and comparison with the current year

The final (current) figures are compared with those of the estimate.
You can also view the variation as an amount and a percentage.

balance sheet_and previous year

Quarterly budget

In the Subdivision section set to quarterly and the schedule shows the budget at the end of each quarter.
The evolution of the budget forecast during the year can be tracked.

balance sheet previous quartly year

Quarterly budget with comparison

This printout is set up to print both the estimate and the final balance. We therefore have the expected and current situation at the end of each quarter.

balance sheet and previous year comparison

Three-year budget

This printout is set up to print the three-year budget forecast.
In the Period section set the reference period to three years and in the Subdivision section set to one year. In the File properties (File menu) there must be 3 years as the start and end period (e.g. start 01.01.2022 - end 31.12.2024).

Balance sheet previous 4 years

Accounting Report

The Accounting Report is similar to the one for Enhanced balance sheet with groups, with the difference that the display takes place in the Accounts table in columns.

You can therefore use it to get an instant view of the evolution of liquidity accounts.

reporting quartly year


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