Forecasting sales

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Sales for a company are the main source of income and liquidity. Unlike costs that are more easily planned, sales are more difficult to budget. As a rule of thumb, you may base yourself on the figure of the sales of the previous year for the same period or, on the possibility important events that are in the pipeline and could lead to an increase in sales or even to the acquisition of new customers.

Based on this concept, Banana accounting, with the forecast based on double-entry accounting, allows you to simulate and project different scenarios over time. Just change the budgeted amounts for sales and the program automatically updates the forecasts and displays detailed reports for the current year or for future years.

The sales projections are calculated on the basis of the forecasts included in the Budget table and can be displayed in different ways.

Accounts table

Set up accounts and sales groups in the Accounts table. In the Budget column you will also have the updated forecast balances for the accounting period. You can check what the evolution of sales will be during the year, at a glance

accounts budget sales

Evolution chart for sales

If you display the Graphs window, position the cursor on an account or a group and you will see the graph of the evolution of the sales.
If you click on the Current, Previous or Budget caption, you can hide the graph.

Account card with Budget data

With the Account card you are offered the possibility to display in detail and day by day, how sales evolve. You can examine all the movements that impact sales.

account card budget sales

The Account card command allows you to specify if you want to display current or budgeted movements. 

  • Select thebudget movements.
  • Set the period.
    If you indicate a period that extends beyond the accounting period, the program will automatically generate Forecasts over several years.
  • If you indicate a group, you will see the movements of all the accounts belonging to that group.
  • When you are in the Budget table, you can access the account card with a click on the icon next to the account.

Enhanced Balance sheet with groups

Through Enhanced Balance Sheet with groups you may select to work with values subdivided by column per period. In this way you can see the evolution of liquidity by day, week, month, quarter, semester, year, etc.

profit loss statement budget

Forecasting sales

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