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ISO 20022 is an international standard for the transmission of financial data.
The CAMT category regroups the formats used for the account statement, reporting of account transactions and account balance confirmation:

  • camt052: Account Reporting
  • camt053 (including version 4): Account Statement
  • camt054: Credit / Debit Notification

Preview the ISO-20022 file

Banana. offers the possibility to preview contents of a camt file.

Data importing into the current accounting

Proceed as indicated with the Import into accounting ( Account1 menu) command.
Compressed files can also be opened with this function. In this case, the program will prompt the user to select the file from which to import the data of the compressed file.

Technical notes on converting ISO 20022 files

The ISO 20022 standard encodes the accounting data of the bank statement very precisely. Nevertheless, it leaves some discretion for the insertion of additional information about the account and its transactions.
Banana, when reading the file, tries to adapt itself to the ways in which the ISO 20022 file has been prearranged.
  • Reads as opening balance the similar encodings
  • Reads as closing balance the similar encodings
  • All contents are read and converted into transactions
    • Transaction date (Date)
    • Valuta date
    • Transaction amount (positive or negative)
    • Description (Banana - for now - displays the various descriptions as a single text)
      In the future, it will be possible to extract this information on a distinctive basis and indicate the columns where to allocate data.
    • Distinction of transactions between one single and detailed lines.
      For transactions that are to be detailed, there will be a row for the sum and separate rows for the singular transactions that will constitute the total.

National Specificities

Each country and/or bank has the possibility to insert additional information in the ISO 20022 file according to its needs. Banana Accounting offers a generic filter distributed with the application and multiple country- and/or bank-specific filters distributed as BananaApp. To import this additional information into your accounting, you must install and use the filter that is most specific to your country and/or bank.


This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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