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When using Banana Accounting, each accounting management is on a different file.
Banana Accounting files are compatible with versions from all operating systems and with synchronization systems (Dropbox, ICloud, ...)


This command opens the window to create a new file. All the available templates are accessed from the same window. We recommend starting from an existing template and personalizing it with your data. For more information, see the Create a new file page


This command allows you to open a previously created Banana Accounting file. For more information, visit the Open, save, copy and backup page.

Close / Close all

These commands allow you to close the active file or all open files of Banana Accounting.

File and accounting properties

This command accesses the basic data of the accounting file. For more information visit the File properties page.

Save / Save As / Save All

To save your accounting files. For more information see the Save page.

Create PDF dossier...

Create a single PDF file where you can customize what you want to include. All accounting data can be included.
For more information, visit the Create PDF dossier page.

Export file

It is possible to export the entire accounting file or only certain parts in Html, Excel, Xml, JCsv, Json
For more information, see the Export page.

Page setup...

Allows you to define printing properties. For more information see the Page setup page.

Setup a Logo ...

To insert a logo into your prints. For more information, visit the Setup a Logo page.

Print ...

To start printing. For more information, visit the Printouts/preview page.

Create PDF ...

To print in PDF format what you see on the screen.

Print Preview

To check how your printout will look like.

Recent files / Favorite files

Banana Accounting automatically shows, when the program is opened, a list of recently used files.
It is also possible to draw up a list of favorite files.
For more information visit the  Recent / Favorite files page.

This documentation is outdated

The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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