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Library and collections

How to use it / introduction

This is an application that allows you to keep a list of books, objects and contacts, and check on objects borrowed and returned.

Creating a Library and collections file

From the File menu -> New... in the Filter by: box enter the the text "library" and select the Banana Library template (also make sure you have selected English as search language)


If you open a Library and collections file you fill find several tables:

  • Groups table - where you can assign to each user a group, for example to partition children between Kindergarten and Primary school users, etc.
  • Contacts table - where you can enter users data.
  • Items table - where you can enter your items data. 
  • Loans table - where you can enter the checked out items, the expiration date and the return date.
  • Diary table - where you can enter daily notes and connect them to a specific contact.

Other useful features



Everything that you see on screen can be printed or saved in a pdf format.

In the BananaApps section (look for library), you can also find extensions for specific printouts:

  • printout of the complete book catalog in pdf, to be published on the internet
  • printout of the users details with the books they have loaned and the ones still to be returned

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