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Customers sub-menu

The features, present in the Customers sub-menu (from the Account2 menu), allow you to obtain the following lists:

Logic for checking Customers' invoices

In order for the program to be able to prepare the lists of issued invoices:

  • In the Invoice column of the Transactions table, indicate the invoice number.
  • In the Debit or Credit column of the Transactions table, indicate the account number of the Customer

Also, before entering the transactions:

  • In the Chart of accounts, Customer accounts and/or groups need to be created
  • If desired, address columns can be added
  • In the Customers set up, indicate the Customer group or the general Customer account.

You also need to choose if, in the Chart of accounts, you need to have:

  • An account for each Customer
    This is necessary when the list of invoices needs to be presented separately by customer.
    In this case, a row needs to be created for the Customer, and each client account refers to this group in the GR column (see hereunder).
  • One single account in which all the Customers are contained
    The list of the open, expired invoices will be for all the Customers together and not per each individual Customer.


  • Reports are based on the account currency balances; possible exchange rate differences will not be taken into account.
  • The reports Description column will reproduce the first row description for each invoice.
  • For the accounting files based ont cash received you can setup a customers register with the Cost Centers.

Detailed explanations

  • Setting up Customers accounts
    • Setting up the register
    • Activating the address columns (optional)
    • Setting up the customers' settings
  • Entering transactions
    • Displaying the Invoice column in the Transactions table
    • Entering the invoice that is being issued
    • Entering a payment
    • Entering a credit note
    • The Extract invoice rows and Open invoice link commands 
  • Reports and printouts
    • Displaying the open invoices
    • Displaying the expired invoices
    • Displaying the Invoices received from Customers
  • Automatic autocomplete

Example file


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