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Experimental Version

Banana Experimental is a version that is being released at more frequent intervals, with functions that are still under development. Like this, the users can discover what's new, test the modifications and actively participate in the process of improving the features and fine-tuning, making their experience known and giving suggestions.

Download Banana Experimental

Version Date Size Download  Windows 20-Mar-2019

72 MB
36 MB

Banana Experimental for Windows (64bit)
Banana Experimental for Windows (32bit)  Mac 20-Mar-2019 82 MB Banana Experimental for Mac  Linux 20-Mar-2019

106 MB
106 MB

Banana Experimental for Linux, AppImage
Banana Experimental for Linux, tgz file


System requirements and installation

  • Windows version: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • Mac version: Mac OSX 10.14, 10.13, 10.12
  • Linux version: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or more recent versions; other supported distributions
  • 180 MB of disk space
  • Internet connection to access the program Help
  • Can be used at no cost in Free Version mode or can be activated with a Banana 9 license key
  • The installation and use of Banana Experimental doesn't interfere with or exclude the use of Banana 9 and vice versa;
    these are two distinct applications
  • We advise you to create copies of your original files

Experimental version expiration date

Banana Experimental has an expiration date, just because we want our users always to work with the latest version. Before the expiration date of the current Experimental version, a new one will be released, with a new expiration date. It is also possible that some features of Banana Experimental will be included in the commercial version or a new product.

Added features

  • Includes all features of the most recent Banana 9 version
  • Import in accounting
    • You can import multiple files at the same time
    • You can import zip and tgz files
  • Scripts:
    • Create XML files
    • Print QRCode codes
    • Insert attachments to PDF files
  • Better compatibility with dark mode
  • Various corrections and improvements: see modifcations history

The added features are to be considered experimental. reserves the right to modify, add or remove features without previous notice.
It is also likely that a number of features found in the Experimental version will be made available against the payment of a surcharge.

We decline all responsibility for the use of these new additional features.


For support requests or in order to send us your feedback, please use the contact form.
For other information, take a look at our Support page.

Modifications history

Banana Experimental 9.0.3 - 190320
Released March 20, 2019 - Expires on July 31, 2019

  • ...
  • Various minor improvements and other corrections
  • Based on framework Qt 5.12.2

Banana Experimental 9.0.3 - 190221
Released February 21, 2019 - Expires on July 31, 2019

  • General
    • The StarterEdition version has been renamed to FreeVersion
    • The cash book and timesheet are now free in the FreeVersion
    • Improved visibility of texts on dark background colors
    • Fixed the import of csv files containing both the ',' (coma) and ';' (semicolon)
  • Accounting
    • It is now possible to import compressed zip files into the accounting as well as tgz
    • When you import a compressed zip or tgz file all the files contained in the archive, which are recognized as bank statements or list of transactions, are imported
    • When the budget table is added, budget transactions for cost centers are correctly generated
    • When you change the amounts in the budget table, the "Difference budget" amount is updated immediately
    • #Checkbalance now also checks the sign of the amount
    • When you add an article in the Articles table, the row is completed automatically
  • Invoices
    • Fixed due date to paid invoices
    • Added closing text in invoices, reminders and statements
    • Improved autocompletion when registering an invoice
  • Assets
    • Improved the smarfill
    • Report an error if there are two equal article codes
    • When entering a new code, it automatically inserts the sum into code
    • Importation into accounting allows to group by account
  • Timesheet
    • Added Check-In Check-Out command to facilitate the entry of the start and end time
    • Fixed the carry forward hours in the new year
    • If there are multiple lines with the same day, only one row is now colored
  • Address Book
    • Added command to reorder contacts
    • When the contacts google contacts are updated, the sequence of emails and phone numbers is retained and the flag primary email is set
  • Scripts
    • In the App menu you can now see the BananaApps included in the Documents table
    • In the Manage Apps dialog the BananaApps are searched for both title and description
    • Added JsDocContBaseObject :: accountIsCustomer () and JsDocContBaseObject :: accountIsSupplier () methods
  • Mac
    • Improved compatibility with Dark Mode
  • Various minor improvements and other corrections
  • Based on framework Qt 5.12.1

Banana Experimental 9.0.3 - 181221
Released December 21, 2018 - Expires on April 30, 2019

  • General:
    • Charts are showed correctly
    • Charts are showed with new colors that perform better with dark displays
    • Texts in table headers follow the size given by the zoom control
  • Accounting:
    • Enhanced balance sheet with group for the Income&Expenses Accocunting save correctly the selected options for the chart of accounts tab
    • The printing of a large amount of invoices is faster
    • In the invoice's json a new element 'total_vat_rate_zero' with the total of vat codes with 0% vat percentage has been added
    • The command export rows add in the exported file name the table's name
  • Timesheet
    • Added new command 'Create new year'
  • Scripts:
    • The property dialogo for BananaApps has been improved
    • The dialog Manage Apps has been improved
  • Mac:
    • The appllication is now compatible with the dark mode
  • Various minor improvements and other corrections
  • Based on framework Qt 5.12.0


Banana Experimental 9.0.3 - 181120
Released November 20, 2018 - Expires on April 30, 2019

  • General:
    • The File -> New... dialog window has a new and improved design.
    • A button has been added in the tables for contextual help.
    • The rows height in the tables is corectly calculated and is stable while the appllication is running.
  • Accounting:
    • In the Cash book files, the Extract invoice rows has been removed.
    • In the Amount column, formulas with the minus '-' sign are correcty calculated.
    • In the Items table the Quantity column is correctly updated.
    • The Items table's balances are carried forward when creating a New Year.
    • When importing transactions from a "Fixed asset register file", is now possible to group the transaction by account.
  • Mac:
    • Texts are now correctly displayed and they are not in bold anymore.
  • Various minor improvements and other corrections
  • Based on framework Qt 5.12.0 Beta4

Banana Experimental 9.0.3 - 180906
Released September 6, 2018

  • First release Experimental 9
  • General:
    • The New File dialog has been redesigned and improved.
    • The list of recent files updates correctly.
    • Negative numbers are not printed in red if the option "Show negative numbers in red" is disabled.
    • In the Columns Setup dialog box, if a column is moved to the bottom of the list, the application will no longer crash.
    • In the Program Options dialog, if the default language is selected, the dialog language is always correctly updated.
    • The height of the table rows is calculated correctly and is stable for the execution time of the application.
  • Accounting:
    • It is possible to import several transaction files at the same time.
    • Customers / Suppliers:
      • In the Income & Expense accounting it is now possible to print the payment reminders
      • Invoices that are printed on more than one page will correctly take up the page header.
    • Charts section:
      • Moved after info.
      • Months' names are now translated.
      • Graphs resize correctly when the main window is resized.
    • In multi-currency accounting, the F6 function, in the description field, no longer overwrites the amount of the current line if an amount has already been entered in the current line.
    • Exporting the Expiry dates table to Html, Excel or CSV works correctly and no longer results in an empty table.
    • In the Recurring transactions, the category description is now correct.
    • The Rename function works correctly on cost centers even when the "Use the minus sign '-' separator" option is enabled.
    • The Rename function on the currency code also updates the Budget table transactions
    • When creating a PDF file, journal entries are no longer sorted if the corresponding option is not activated.
  • Scripts (new functionalities for developpers):
    • The Banana.document.currentBalance function returns the correct balance for multiple group selections where the first group is not present in the accounts table (e.g.: selection Gr=40|41|42 made in an accounting system where group 40 does not exist).
    • New function Banana.document.attachment to attach a file to the document.
      In print preview a corresponding symbol will appear to indicate the presence of attachments, while in pdf printing the attachment will be inserted into the pdf file.
    • New Banana.Xml methods to create Xml files.
    • New Banana.Report.preview method (title, reports, stylesheets) to print two or more documents together. In print preview the documents will result as a single document.
    • New Banana.UI.openPropertyEditor method that facilitates the creation of dialogs for changing BananaApps settings.
    • New Banana.Report.qrCodeImage function for creating QRCode codes.
    • You can now use images in the SVG format.
    • Documentation updated and completed.
  • Mac:
    • Copy (cmd+c) and paste (cmd+v) commands work correctly and are now always available.
  • Various minor improvements and other corrections
  • Based on framework Qt 5.11.1

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