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Banana Experimental is a version that is being released at more frequent intervals, with functions that are still under development. Like this, the users can discover what's new, test the modifications and actively participate in the process of improving the features and fine-tuning, making their experience known and provide their suggestions. Please pay particular attention, especially when using new features or improvements.

Download Banana Experimental

Version Date Size Download  Windows June 15, 2020

42 MB

Banana Experimental for Windows (64bit)
Troubleshooting  Mac June 15, 2020 28 MB Banana Experimental for Mac  Linux June 15, 2020

52 MB
53 MB

Banana Experimental for Linux, AppImage
Banana Experimental for Linux, tgz file
Ubuntu Software, beta channel

System requirements and installation

  • Windows version: Windows 10, 8.1
  • Mac version: Mac OSX 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12
  • Linux version: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or more recent versions; other supported distributions. On Ubuntu 16.04 OpenSSL 1.1.1 is required.
  • 180 MB of disk space
  • Internet connection to access the Help function
  • Can be used at no cost in Free Version mode or can be activated with a Banana 9 license key
  • The installation and use of Banana Experimental doesn't interfere with or exclude the use of Banana 9 and vice versa;
    these are two distinct applications
  • We advise you to create copies of your original files

    Experimental version expiration date

    Banana Experimental has an expiration date, just because we want our users to always work with the latest version. Before the expiration date of the current Experimental version, a new one will be released, with a new expiration date. It is also possible that some features of Banana Experimental will be included in the commercial version or a new product.

    Added features

    • Includes all features of the most recent Banana 9 version
    • Import in accounting
      • You can import multiple files at the same time
      • You can import zip and tgz files
    • Scripts:
      • Create XML files
      • Print QRCode codes
      • Insert attachments to PDF files
    • Enhanced display when using dark mode
    • Various corrections and improvements: see modifications history

    The added features are to be considered experimental. 

    Banana.ch reserves the right to modify, add or remove features without previous notice.
    It is also likely that a number of features found in the Experimental version will be made available against the payment of a surcharge.

    We decline all responsibility for the use of these new additional features.


    For support requests or in order to send us your feedback, please use the contact form.
    For other information, take a look at our Support page.

    Modifications history

    Banana Experimental 9.1.0 - 200429
    Released April 30, 2020 - Expires on October 31, 2020

    • General:
      • Saving and recovering files in the event of a computer crash has been improved
      • In the search field, by pressing the enter key, you go to the next occurrence
    • Accounting:
      • The quantity and item columns can be removed
      • The command sort records by date puts empty lines at the end and not at the beginning
      • The columns corresponding to the view selected in the composition are displayed correctly on the account cards
      • In the account cards, an error has been corrected whereby double clicking on the row number, in some cases, did not return to the corresponding original row
    • Payments
      • The insertion and creation of payments has been improved and completed
    • Customers and suppliers
      • In the customers and suppliers options it is possible to disable the auto-completion of the invoice data
    • Timesheet:
      • The base data are displayed in the info file
    • Charts
      • Charts also work for cost centers
    • Prints
      • In the enhanced balance sheet, it is possible to select a group belonging to another section as a reference for the percentages
      • A margin of 0 cm can be set in the group balance sheet
      • In the PDF dossier the newspaper is exported with the view of the selected composition
    • Extensions
      • The DocumentPatch functionality for editing documents via extensions has been improved and extended
      • The multiline type parameters are saved correctly in the settings of the extensions
    • Mac:
      • Copy and paste of amounts to Excel has been corrected
    • Linux:
      • The copying and pasting of amounts to LibreOffice has been corrected
      • The snapcraft package works correctly on all major distributions
    • Various minor improvements and other corrections
    • Based on framework Qt 5.15.0

    Banana Experimental 9.1.0 - 200220
    Released February 20, 2020 - Expires on October 31, 2020

    Includes all functionalities of Banana Accounting 9.0.5 (see modifications history)

    • General:
      • Correct insertion of numeric characters when using Chinese keyboard
      • The dialog for editing contents contained in tables uses the internal editor
      • A new development, which can be activated via the Window -> Develop menu
      • System info has been moved from the Tools menu -> Program options to the Window -> Develop menu
      • The logo selected for the print preview remains saved
    • Accounting:
      • The 'Sort movements by date' command now correctly positions the #checkbalance commands
      • In the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups statements, it is possible to set up a group belonging to another section, defined as a percentage reference (e.g.. setting the total revenue as a reference in the costs section)  
      • The group for the calculation of the percentages for the accounting of income and expenses can be selected in the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups statements
      • Article columns are kept when files are converted
    • Importing / exporting data:
      • .zip archive files can be imported
    • Budget
      • Available formulas are displayed via the smart fill function
      • Abbreviations for weekly, bimonthly and half-yearly have been added in the budgetBalance and in other formulas
    • Fixed Assets Register:
      • Improved reports on Articles
    • Timesheet:
      • Convert file keeps columns start time and end time
    • Graphs:
      • The amounts for the Categories are shown with the correct sign in the revenue receipts
    • Printouts
      • The page number and prefix remain stored in the print preview.
      • Printing of the links in the PDF files has been corrected
    • Apps
      • You can now create Apps that modify your accounting (Beta)
      • Payment Apps can now be created (Beta)
      • The Properties dialog for Apps has been updated and improved
      • Texts can be justified in printouts
      • In the Journal the JAccountGrDescription field is correctly set up
      • When the maximum execution time is exceeded, scripts are stopped accordingly
      • APIs are  added for creating QRCode images
    • Mac:
      • Printout of the thousands separator has been corrected
      • Alt + Up Arrow or Down Arrow combinations correctly positions on the row with the previous or following data
    • Various minor improvements and other corrections
    • Based on framework Qt 5.14.1

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