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With the Save or Save as... command, the data are being saved unto the hard disk

Security copy

We strongly advise our users to create external backup copies in order to be able to resolve an eventual loss of data due to, for instance, a computer crash or another cause.

There is free software on the market that allows the user to automatically create a backup for one's own data.

File copy on an external device

To make a security copy on the Memory Stick, open the file that is to be memorized; from the "File" menu, select the Save as command, and choose the unit that indicates the memory stick as destination.

The copy can also be made by launching "Explorer" and by dragging the accounting file into the memory stick unit.


Banana Accounting creates and automatically saves the work in a temporary file that starts with the name "autobackup_".When the user saves or exits the program normally, this temporary file is deleted.
If the computer should get turned off unexpectedly, the data can be retrieved by opening this file.

See Program Options.

File .bak

When saving a file, Banana Accounting renames the existing file with the same name, and adds the extension (file name.ac2.bak). The previously saved file is therefore still available.

See Program Options.

Data recovery from a *.bak file

When for one or another reason the user doesn't succeed to find the accounting file, one can retrieve the file from the backup copy that the program automatically executes.  

Proceed as follows:

  • open the directory where the accounting file was present. 
  • open the file with the .bak extension. If it doesn't show in the directory, the user should, in the box "Files of type" in lower part of the window, select the option All files (*.*).

  • Once opened, save the file with its name (save as...). Usually, the same name as the one of the lost file is being attributed.