Transferring data from other accounting software

With Banana, you can easily transfer data from any accounting program, passing through MS-Excel.

  1. With the accounting program, export the data in a format that can be read by Excel (CSV, txt, ...)
  2. Open the file with Excel
  3. In Excel, organize the data (columns) as they appear in the Banana tables (Accounts, Transactions)
  4. Open your new accounting file in Banana
  5. In the Accounts or Transactions table, add as many empty rows as there are rows to transfer from Excel.
  6. In Excel, select the data to be copied and use the "Copy" command
  7. Go in Banana and execute the "Paste" command.

This method is useful to transfer data from MS-Money, Intuit Quicken and Quickbooks, and from most other accounting programs.


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