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The Time Sheet allows companies, which do not have an automated work time tracking, to easily start with a modern data collection system and have immediate counts and reports, without wasting time.

In order to protect their employees, companies are required by law to set up a system for recording the daily working time, complete with absences and holidays.

  • In Europe this principle was reiterated in a ruling by the European Court of Justice. It is up to the member states to regulate this matter.
  • In Switzerland there are ordinances in this regard which require the systematic recording of working time, with some exceptions for the simplified recording (only the number of hours worked).

How to implement the Time Sheet for your employees

  • Each employee will have to download and install Banana Accounting on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • The employee creates his own time sheet for the entire year.
    There are several methods:
    • Use a template emailed to him by his employer.
    • Start the program and via the File → New menu create your own Time Sheet, for the entire year, choosing the most appropriate Time Sheet template.
  • Each employee enters their working hours and saves the file on their computer.
  • At the end of the month, the employee generates his own Monthly report and sends it to the employer. Alternatively, you can directly send the entire file of your time sheet.

Self-declaration of hours worked

The Banana Accounting Timesheet allows each employee to input their hours individually and to always be in control of their situation.
The month-end report will summarize all the necessary information. You can also create specific reports for specific needs, if required.

Centralized data entry

The Timesheet is also suitable if the employer collects the data of the hours delivered by the employees.
Hours can be attributed to projects or whatever else is needed.

Preparing templates for your company's employees

Each company has different requirements.
To facilitate keeping hours for your employees, it is useful to prepare Time sheet files that serve as templates, with the following presets:

  • Annual holidays.
  • The columns required for the type of data collection (systematic, simplified, mixed).
  • The columns for the type of salary.
  • The columns for absences.
  • Additional columns for reimbursable expenses, projects and notes on the progress of the work can also be added.

Specific reports

Extensions allow you to create specific reports, tailored to the needs of a company.

Version for employers

We are thinking about developing an application for employers that will allow for the collection and consolidation of the data contained in the files managed by employees, for statistical or other purposes.

Should there be a wider interest in such a tool, please report it to us via the contact form, by also indicating which functionalities would be of interest to you.





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