First Video Tutorial Project using Screen shots

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Here we explain how to create a video tutorial

Example video projects


You can try the following examples

Create a Tutorial Maker project

  1. Structure the video and write the text.
    • Plan the video objective and content.
    • With word processor start writing text part of the video.
      Writing and improving the draft is easier with the word processor.
      • Chapters titles.
      • Speech part.
  2. Setup files.
  3. Enter the content
    • Start Banana Accounting Dev-Channel version.
    • Open the Educational video file you have just created.
    • Menu Actions → Add language column of your desired language.
    • Copy the text you have written on Word and paste it in the column language.
    • In the column Chapter enter the chapter number.
    • In the column Text Style enter the appropriate style.
    • In the column Speech Style enter "None" for text that should only be displayed (no audio).
    • Apply the color Yellow for chapter titles.
  4. Build the first video version.
    • Actions → Build video and the video will be build with:
      • a single still image
      • titles
      • the speech
      • the subtitles
    • You will be able to see how long it is the video based on the spoken text, and also listen the high quality audio voice.
  5. You should now capture the images or the video clips with the tool you already use.
    Better use size of 1920x1080 px  or with 16:9 factor.
  6. Or you can create the image capture in Banana.
    • Create the Banana Accounting file with all the data you will need to explain.
    • Capture the screen using the ctrl+3 functionalities.
    • Set the size of Banana Accounting Windows to 1920x1080 or other size with 16:9 factor.
    • Save the file in the project directory.
      • Better complete the file name with a numeric sequence corresponding to the chapter number.
      • When using number better use 01 instead of 1, so that you get the file listed in numeric order.
      • Use fine sequence multiple of 3 or 5 to easily insert other images.
  7. Complete your project with images.
    • In the appropriate row of the column Clip File enter the file name of the images you have saved.
    • Add Effects to the images.
    • Build again the video .
    • Improve the texts, images, effects until you are finished.


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