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Create style to use for creating speech.
If you use a style you should specify also for any language you use.

Table Speech Styles

Columns Speech Styles

  • Id.
    • default.
      The style to be used in case the speech style is not specified.
    • Any other name for a style.
  • Language
    The language code used for the column text in the Clips table.
  • Voice Language.
    Language code  and country code.
    It should be the same as the one of the Voice name.
    Example: "en-US".
    For each language and id you should have only one country code. If you have more the program will use the first id it find.
  • Voice.
    The voice name that available in your service.
    The software will show to you a list of available voice based on the service you have selected.
    Example: "en-US-AriaNeural"
  • Rate, Pitch and Volume see Microsoft Azure explanations.

Predefined Speech Styles

If not defined the software will use this speech styles.

The Speech service used (Microsoft Azure or Google) will be automatically selected based on the API key you have entered in the global settings.

Azure and Google have different voice name, so once you enter the one that is specific to the service you use.

Microsoft Azure

See. Microsoft  azure voices

Predefined languages for Microsoft Azure Service.

  • "de","de-DE","de-DE-KatjaNeural"
  • "es","es-ES","es-ES-ElviraNeural"
  • "en","en-US","en-US-AriaNeural","cheerful"
  • "fr","fr-CH","fr-CH-ArianeNeural"
  • "it","it-IT","it-IT-IsabellaNeural"
  • "nl","nl-NL","nl-NL-ColetteNeural"
  • "pt","pt-BR", "pt-BR-FranciscaNeural"
  • "zh","zh-CN","zh-CN-XiaoxiaoNeural"

Google Speech to Text

See available Google voices.

Predefined languages for Google Text to speech Service.

  • "de","de-DE","de-DE-Wavenet-A"
  • "es","es-ES","es-ES-Wavenet-C"
  • "en","en-US","en-US-Wavenet-A"
  • "fr","fr-CH","fr-FR-Wavenet-Al"
  • "it","it-IT","it-IT-Wavenet-B"
  • "nl","nl-NL","nl-NL-Wavenet-B";
  • "pt","pt-BR", "pt-BR-Wavenet-B"
  • "zh","zh-CN","cmn-CN-Wavenet-B";


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