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If you wish to set up a budget on an annual basis quickly, without details for the period, you can enter the forecast amounts in the Budget column of the Accounts and / or Categories table.

Annual budget in acconts table

Annual Budget column

In the Accounts and / or Categories table, the Budget column can only be modified if the Budget table has not been added. If the Budget table is present, it can be removed as follows:

Once the Budget table has been removed, the Budget column is activated and you can enter the annual budget amounts in the Accounts and / or Categories table, Budget view .

As a rule of thumb, only the budget for expenses and revenues (double-entry accounting) and for income and expenses (income / expense accounting) will be indicated.

The budget values must be entered on each Account and / or Category. The program calculates the totals automatically, and derives the profit or loss from them.

  • Accounts table:
    • Revenues (Credit) must be entered as a negative value
    • Expenses (Debit) as a positive.
  • Categories Table:
    • Income must be shown in positive
    • Expenses must be indicated in negative.

Budget Difference Column

In the Budget Difference column, the program will calculate the difference between the balance and the value in the Budget column. Whenever a transaction is entered in the Accounts and / or Categories table, this column will be updated automatically.

When printing by month or quarter, the program divides the value indicated in the Budget column into monthly quotas.

The program proceeds as follows for the subdivisions:

  • Calculates the number of months, based on the start and end date indicated in the File menu → File Properties (basic data).
  • The budgeted amount is divided by the number of months calculated.
  • Any rounding differences will be added to the last month. 

If, for example, you have indicated an amount of 10'000, this will be divided into 11 monthly amounts of 833.33 and one salary of 833.37.

If a quarterly preview has been selected, the value of the quarter will be the sum of the individual months and not the value of the year divided by quarters.

If you want a different planning by month or quarter, you should use the planning with the Budget table.

Add Budget columns

Via the Data → Columns setup → Add command you can add other columns to indicate other budget values.

  • Set the Data Type with Amount.
    This way the program will calculate the sums of the groups.

You may add budget columns for:

  • Manage multiple Budget values (different scenarios).
  • Keep a copy of the initial budget created with the Budget table:
    • Prepare the budget in the Budget Table.
    • Go to the first row in the Accounts table, and select the entire column (by clicking on the column header).
    • Menu Edit → Copy.
    • Position yourself on the first row in the budget column where to copy the data.
    • Menu Edit → Paste.


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