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The account or category card corresponds to the ledger and allows you to have a complete list of the accounting entries concerning the same account, the same category, a cost center, a segment or a group.

account card

Open the account card

There are two ways to open and print an account or category card.

First method

This method is recommended when you want to view and print all or several account / category cards.

  • Click Report > Account/Category Cards from the menu

open an account card or Income / Expense category

A dialog box appears with the following sections:

For detailed information on the sections, click on the corresponding links.

Second method

This method can be used when you need to open only one card at a time within the tables.

  • Click on the small icon that appears when you select the cell that contains the account, category or group number.

open an account or category card

Update the account card

The account or category card is temporary and is calculated at the time of the request. If transactions are changed or added in the Transactions table, the account card is not updated simultaneously.

To update the account card, following changes, it is necessary to use the Account/Category card command again, or if the account card is still open, click on the symbol shown in the image below.

update account card


In the account, category or group card it is not possible to change the data. Within the account card, by double clicking on the row number, the program switches to the corresponding row of the Transactions table or of the Budget.

The Selected Account column

In the Selected Account column, which can be made visible, starting from any account card, via Data > Columns setup, the account on which the transaction took place is displayed.
When you get an account card of one or more accounts, categories, groups and segments, you see exactly which account is used.

account selected

The Counterpart Column

The C-Acct. column is displayed on the account or category card, indicating the offset account that completes the posting.

aggiornare la scheda conto o categoria

Cards of groups or classes

In the account tab of a group or class, all the transactions of those accounts belonging to the selected group or class are regrouped.
The accounts or categories of the group or class can be viewed by making the Selected Account column visible. 

group card

Print the ledger (account cards)

To print an account card:

  • display the card from any table (Accounts or Transactions) and launch the printout from the File menu.

To print multiple account cards:

  • Report menu > Account cards
  • Using the Filter it is possible to automatically select all the account cards to be printed or partially (eg only accounts, cost centers or segments).
  • In the various sections Period, Options, Customization desired functions are activated (eg period, one account per page ....).
  • Confirm with OK, after setting the desired options.
  • The selected account cards will appear on the screen. To print, click on the File > Print menu.

Print Account Cards by Period

To view account cards with balances for a specific period:

  • Report menu > Account cards
  • in the Period section activate Specified, and enter the start and end date of the period. 

See the Period section page for more information.


Print the Budget account card

If the budget transactions have been entered in the Budget table, it is possible to have the account or group cards of the budget:

  • Reports menu > Account / Category cards > activate Budget transactions.

budget account card

Accounts and Categories settings in the Enhanced statement with groups

In the dialogue box, you can set how to print accounts and categories

Insert a logo in the account cards

As from Banana 9, it is possible to insert a logo also in the printing of the account cards.

After creating the account card detail, proceed as follows:

  • Reports menu > Account cards
  • File menu > Print preview.
  • In the dialog box that opens, under Logo, indicate your logo (instead of none).

More detailed information is available on the Logo setup.

Save the setups

If you happen to regularly print the cards of certain accounts, for example all those of sales, it is useful to create a special customization:

  • Report menu > Account cards > Customization section
  • Click on the New button
  • Indicate the name in the description, for example "Sales Accounts"
  • Select the accounts you want to print
  • From the File > Page setup menu you can determine the margins and other page settings.

Whenever you need to print the accounts, select the customization you created.


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