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In the Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and in the Notes, it is possible to add further columns.

Starting from the Reports menu → Enhanced Balance sheet with groupsColumns Advanced button → Add button.

Enhanced balance sheet with groups, add columns

Available columns list

The dialog lists all the columns that can be included in the report:

  • Columns present in the Accounts table.
  • Columns with Accounting amounts .
  • Columns with Budget amounts.

Activating the column from the list adds it to the report. In the Advanced dialog you can change the sequence and headings.

By removing the check, the column is removed from the report.

Columns present in the Accounts table

You can include any column of the Accounts table, for example:

  • Note.
  • Aditional description.
  • Description in another language.
  • Import or other columns added by you.

Accounting amounts

These are the columns with the amounts calculated by the program, the opening balances and the entered transactions, for the indicated period or for the subdivision period

Amount in the Account currency
Only visible for multi-currency files. Account balances in foreign currency are also displayed.

The balances of the current year will be displayed.

The Opening balances will be displayed.

Previous (period)
The balances of the previous period are being displayed (month, quarter, semester, etc).

Previous Year
The balances of the previous year are being displayed.

YTD (Year To Date)
This column is only available in the Profit & Loss Statement. The balances from the beginning of the year until the last transaction date are being displayed.

Budget amounts

These are the columns with the amounts calculated by the program based on the budget amounts entered in the Accounts Table or in the Budget Table. If you created the Budget table and if some rows have been entered, the program will use the data of this table for its calculation, even if there are values in the Budget column of the Accounts table.  Also see informations on Budget.

Budget (Current period)
The amounts related to the foreseen budget of the current period are being displayed.

Budget Previous
The amounts related to the foreseen budget of the previous period are being displayed.

Budget Previous year
The budget amounts are displayed for the same period as the current one, but from the previous year.

Calculation period annotations

The program cannot calculate values for periods that overlap between different accounting years or for years with start and end dates that do not match.
To obtain balances from the previous year that exceed one calendar year, activate the Prior column. This column replaces the "Previous year" column, which only shows the previous year's balances from 01.01.xx to 31.12.xx.
You get to this column from the menu Reports → Enhanced balance sheet by groups → Columns → Advanced button → Add. Clicking on the Account table columns header will display the list of all the columns defined in the Accounts table. Activate the Prior column.


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