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In the Banana Accounting marketplace you find a series extensions that extend the capabilities of Banana Accounting.

In menu Extensions → Manage Extensions  you can view the list of available extension and install the one you need. 

Extension are free depending on the subscription plan you use. 

Types of Extensions

There are several kinds of Extensions ,depending on the features they perform

  • General Extensions
    These are extensions for VAT declarations, interest calculations, printouts or data extraction.
  • Import Extensions
    Used to transform data from a specific format (for example bank statement) in the Banana Accounting format.
  • Export Extensions
    They transform the Banana Accounting data in a specific format (for example audit file format).
    At the end of the app, the user must indicate the name of the file where the exported data are saved.
  • Report Extensions invoices and reminders
    Used for the layout of invoices and reminders.

For more information, please refer to the Developer Documentation.

Extension Catalogue

Several extensions are available on our website prepared to meet different needs.

You can filter your search by setting

  • The name of the extension you want to install
  • The language of the extension
  • The country for which it was developed:
    • Universal
      Have a general use (for example interests calculation)
    • Other countries
      Specific for countries not included in the countries list.
    • Country
      Specific for the indicated country (for example the Austria VAT printout).
  • The Type

Extension update

The program automatically downloads the updates of the Extensions that the user has installed.
If you do not want the automatic update of your extensions you should disable this option:

  • From the Extensions menu → Manage Extensions... select the already installed extension by clicking on Installed and uncheck the Automatically update option.
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