What is a BananaApp?

BananaApps are extentions (Add-in/Add-on) that expand the functionalities of Banana Accounting.
BananaApps are written in the Javascript programming language.
You can  easily Install and use one of the free available BananaApps or Develop a new one for your specific needs.

Types of BananaApps

There are several kinds of BananaApps ,depending on the features they perform

  • Productive Apps
    Apps that perform calculations (for example Interest calculation) and extract data for specific printouts.
  • Import Apps
    Apps used to transform data from a specific format (for example bank statement) in the Banana Accounting format.
  • Export Apps
    Apps that can transform the Banana Accounting data in a specific format (for example audit file format).
    At the end of the app, the user must indicate the name of the file where the exported data are saved.
  • Report Apps
    Apps that can create invoices and references (Experimental version).


  • International Apps
    Apps that have a general use (for example interests calculation)
  • Other countries
    Apps specific for countries not included in the countries list.
  • Country
    Apps specific for the indicated country (for example the Austria VAT printout).


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