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What is a template?

The template is a normal Banana Accounting file (.ac2 extension) with all elements already set up so that you can start working immediately.
Any accounting file can serve as a template, but the templates provided are set to be easily tailored to your needs.
The accounting template file contains:

  • The basic file properties set with the currency and the headers.
    If there is the text "#KEEPORIGINALDATES" in the left or right header when a new file is created from the template the current year date is not put as the start and end date.
    Once the new file is created the "#KEEPORIGINALDATES" is deleted. 
  • The chart of accounts    
    • Accounts, groups, subgroups are set so that you can immediately print the Balance sheet and the Profit & Loss statement.
    • possible cost centers and segments
  • For accounting files with VAT, the VAT codes are grouped and setup with the current VAT rates.    
  • In some templates there are some transaction examples that need to be deleted when you start your own accounting work.

Personalize your template

  • Save the template file on your computer, in the folder you prefer, with your own name and (usually) the accounting year.
  • Adapt the template to your own needs and start entering your own transactions.
    • Enter the file basic data (File & accounting properties from the File menu)
    • Adapt your accounting plan
    • Enter your transactions
      Some templates already have, in the Transactions table, some sample transactions: you need to delete them (Delete rows command from the Edit menu).

Search templates

We advise you to scroll down all available templates before choosing the best one for you.

  • Not all templates have a full description yet
  • The templates list is regularly updated and integrated.

Refine your template search

  • Search text
    If you enter a search key all templates containing that text either in their title or description will be shown.
  • Language
    The language used to create the template.
  • Region
    • Region
      List of available regions.
    • Other regions
      Templates created for a region not included in the countries list
    • Universal
      Templates with a generic model, can be used in different regions (for example the accounting management of a project)
  • Category
    • Generic
      Templates that are not limited to one of the listed categories (for example the accounting management of a project).
    • Other
      Templates created for a category not included in the categories list.
    • Specific category
      Templates created for a specific category. The allocation is not always precise.


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