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    Balance sheet according Code of Obligations art. 959

    Accounting report

    How to obtain the presentation of the Balance sheet according to article 959 of the Swiss Code of obligations without modifying your own Chart of accounts.

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    This accounting report file groups the accounts of the balance sheet according to the new Swiss Code of obligations (Art. 959a e 959b CO).

    Thanks to this resport is therefore possible to keep using a personal accounts grouping organization (or the old system) and then print the Balance Sheet according to the new system.

    For more information you can also visit the Accounting report file page.


    Saving the Accounting report file on your computer

    • Download the Accounting report file or open it from the program
    • Save the file under a new name
    • As a reference, use the numbering of the Group column




    Assigning the GR1 of the new system to the existing accounts

    • Open your own accounting file
    • Make the Gr1 column visible, from the Data menu, Columns setup command
    • For each account of the your chart of accounts, enter the corresponding number of the accounting report in the Gr1 column.
    • Example: in the cell (Gr1 column) corresponding to the cash account, enter the 1.1.A numbering that groups Liquidity and short-term assets listed in stock exchange, as shown in the accounting report.




    Printing the Report

    • Once the numbering of the Gr1 column is finished, launch the Enhanced Balance sheet with groups command (from the Account1 menu)
    • Under Chart of accounts -> Sections, activate the External accounting report checkbox and select Gr1 as Grouping column,
    • Using the Browse button, enter the path of the External accounting report file
    • Confirm with OK

    You will obtain the Balance sheet according to the new regulations


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