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Improve your life, reduce stress, easily pay off your debts thanks to a
simple and precise management of your finances

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The Cash Manager is an application you can use without limits, just installing Banana Accounting! You'll be able to make financial forecasts and keep family or personal accounts for free on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Your finances under control in 3 steps

1. Create your file starting from the template

Open Banana Accounting, choose the Universal-English region, the type of accounting Cash Manager and select the Family Budget and Household Accounts template.
See: Family budget and household accounts tutorial.

2. Modify your categories

In the Accounts table enter the cash balance at the beginning of the year.
In the Categories table you will find a complete list of common income and expenses items. You can change descriptions, add or remove accounts or groups at any time.

3. Enter budget and transactions

In the Transactions table insert the movements, in the Budget table insert the estimated expenses for the future.

... and you have a complete view of your finances!

It is well designed to suit small companies and individuals and gives them power to exercise full control over current and future costs. It gives you full control of the financial situations.

Hillary K. on

Accounting software in the style of Excel table very suitable for beginners. You don't need to have an accountant's diploma to fill in your income and expenses in the correct fields. Registrations can be corrected at any time.

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I am very happy to use the Banana software, it is simple and complete in all its functions. Try it to believe!

Maria Brucoli Magonara on Facebook

Complete vision

Banana Accounting gives you a complete overview of your finances. In the same file and in the same chart of accounts you can track past expenses and make budgets.

Past and present

It allows you to take notes of your income and expenses so that you have an immediate view of your situation and also know how you spent your money.

Future vision and comparisons

You can easily and quickly enter your spending and revenue forecasts. You'll have a vision for the future that allows you to reduce overspending and anticipate liquidity problems. See immediately if the budget has been respected.

Keep your expenses under control at any time

Monitor at any time if you're saving or spending too much and check the impact of unexpected expenses on your financial situation. The detailed vision of the future allows you to reduce debt and even anxiety.

Save more with your budget

Make a forecast of your income and expenditure in order to figure out where to save money and achieve goals such as getting married, buying a house, starting a business or planning your retirement.

Anyone can keep accounts

We've thought of an easy to use system for any family, so don't worry if you're not familiar with accounting. Our already set up template will help you to manage your budget without fear.


Keep your finances under control

With the template already set up it is really easy to start managing your finances

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Detailed documentation

The Cash Manager application gives you a complete overview of your past and future income and expenses, with the relative categorization by expense items.

Video tutorial

Family Budget
Video tutorial that shows you how to make a family budget using the cash book of Banana Accounting. In this way you will be able to better manage your family or your private accounts, obtaining precious savings to reach your goals more easily.

Even for more sophisticated management

In case you need a more sophisticated management of your family- or private accounts, Banana Accounting provides other applications. In the free version you can try all the applications and enter up to 70 transactions.
To use them without limits you must buy a license.

Ready-to-use templates for other accounting applications: