Full Control of your International Business

Do you run a business or an activity in a foreign country?
Banana Accounting multi-currency is exactly what you need.

Be more effective with the right tool

We know the challenges of working abroad.
Our solution combines highly productive features with an intuitive interface.

Work using your preferred language

Don't struggle with a foreign language in your daily work. Use the one you are most comfortable with, and get reports in the one you need them to be.

Manage your accounts in multiple currencies

Gain a deeper knowledge of your finances with our multi-currency application.
A table based approach makes it very intuitive while giving you real time overview and professional results.

Reach a new level of control

Just as you would enter ordinary transactions, you can also put in prevision entries. This gives you an immediate budget. Pilot your future, simulate possible scenarios, make better strategic decisions, achieve your goals.

Professional multi-currency accounting in 3 steps

1. Create your file

Open Banana Accounting, pick your country and language,  select the multi-currency accounting and choose a template.

2. Customize the accounting plan

Add or delet accounts, edit descriptions, create subgroups and various subtotaling levels.

3. Enter transactions

Go to the Transactions table and enter the data. Here is where the magic happens.

... and your accounting is done!

Powerful features

All you need to improve your business.

Choice of accounting applications

Adapt perfectly to your
specific business needs.


Multilanguage, multi-currency,
Templates for different countries.

Financial forecasting

Budget, liquidity forecasting, reporting.
Secure your future.


Easy yet professional-looking invoices.
Clients & suppliers management.

Your data are protected

Blockchain data technology.
Integrity guaranteed.

Productivity boosters

Timesheet, books and collections,
addresses/contacts management, ...


Reporting and import
for many countries.

Best support & documentation

Great free resources and
best support on the Internet.

We are always here to help

Our mission is to empower and support enterprising people in achieving their goals.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we are always happy to answer your questions. 

The Banana Accounting system helps us to maintain day to day, monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets for the whole hospital and for the different donors.

Bro. Paolo Rizzetto, Medical Director/Acting Administrator

Since I discovered Banana Accounting a lot has changed for me. I can comply to the requirements of the country I live in, and I can guarantee the privacy of my client's data. With Banana I reached my goals and my company is more efficient.

Yong Feng, Dubai

We use Banana for our association. We are thrilled how easy operating it is, with the Excel-like design. The support is quick and easy to reach, and answers are understandable and competent. Top program and a clear recommendation!

Ralf Volker Nitsch