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Banana Accounting for Windows, Mac and Linux main features

Banana Accounting 8 is an international software extremely versatile, perfect to keep accounting in any nation. Ideal for small economic entities.


It adapts to your needs and accounting knowledge level.

  • Several accounting methods
  • More than 500 file templates
  • Freely organize your accounts
  • Everything always under control
  • Accounts details one click away
  • Use Cost centers and segments
  • With or without VAT management
  • Financial planning - budget

Fast and easy

Start now and save time every day.

  • Ready to work in 3 easy steps
  • Excel-like interface
  • Fast daily work
  • Memorizes recurring transactions
  • Import data from e-banking
  • Automatic VAT reports
  • Immediate printouts and reports


Used in more than 127 nations worldwide.

  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-mandate
  • Specific VAT codes for each nation
  • Chart of accounts for several nations
  • Specific Apps for several nations


    An impeccable presentation of your business.

    • Clients and suppliers' registers
    • Several reports, also by period
    • Data synchronization with Excel
    • Export data in several formats
    • Custom Apps development
    • Automatic checks

    Security & Certification

    Maximum level of security for your data.

    • Password file protection
    • Rows protection
    • Transactions lock
    • Blockchain certification
    • Archive data in PDF format
    • Automatic backups

    Compatibility and sharing

    • Compatible with previous versions
    • For different operating systems
    • Cloud file sharing
    • Send your accounting file by email
    • Copy, duplicate, move file

    Comprehensive support

    • 360 degrees support


      Choose from various accounting methods

      You can start with the accounting method you prefer, and you can change, if necessary. All your data will be retained:

      There are also several utility tools:


      Choose from more than 500 templates

      Instead of building your file from scratch, use one of our templates: they are freely available online.

      They are already grouped by language, nation, activity branch.

      Templates page

      More information...



      Freely organize your accounts

      You can adapt the chart of accounts of your template to fit your needs, by adding or deleting accounts, creating groups or subgroups and different totalization levels.

      The results are immediately visible.

      You can edit and make changes to your accounting plan also during the year.

      You can also add extra columns or change the order of the existing ones both in the chart of accounts or in the table where you enter the transactions.

      More information...

      Your situation is always under control

      You will always have, at a glance, an updated and global situation of your business. 

      Every time that you enter a transaction your balances will automatically update.

      More information...





      Account details just one click away

      If you want to see a detailed situation of any account, category or group, you just need to click on the small blue arrow that appears in the top-right corner of the account number cell.

      The account card can be printed or saved in PDF format. You can also obtain your account card for a specific period.

      You can print a single account card, all of them, or just some selected ones.

      More information...


      Use cost centers and segments to manage projects, specific business sectors or activities

      Using Segments and Cost centers, Banana Accounting allows you to manage specific activities or project in a detailed and precise way, without changing the structure of your chart of accounts.

      You will be able to know, in each moment, how a certain project is going and you can print out detailed reports.



      Easier VAT management

      If you need to manage the VAT, choose a template that already has it or convert your existing file adding the VAT option.

      All VAT calculations and the VAT reports are automatic.

      For Switzerland the program already prepares a facsimile of the official form both for the effective method and the flat tax rate method.

      More information...



      Financial planning

      You can activate the Budget table that will allow you to directly write your budget transaction indicating the repetition (ex. M = monthly, 3M = quarterly, ...). Based on your budget transactions the program automatically creates your yearly budget.

      You can always compare and print the budget with the real situation, also for a specific period.

      This tool is a big help to foresee how your business will do and to be able to face any situation.

      More information...


      Fast and easy

      Start immediately with 3 easy steps

      You can start working immediately with 3 easy steps:

      • Choose the best template for you
      • Customize your chart of accounts
      • Start entering transactions

      ... and the accounting is done!

      More information...

      Excel-like interface

      The graphic approach is very similar to Excel so your will feel right at home.
      The program is structured in tables, columns and views, and you can copy, cut, paste and correct your data at any time.

      But Banana is so much more than just a worksheet, because as you enter your data, all tables totals will be automatically updated and, based on your data, Banana will immediately create your Balance sheet, Profit & Loss statement and several other professional looking reports.

      More information...

      Quick writing - text autocomplete (Smart Fill)

      When entering transaction, as you write the first letters or digits the program will automatically suggest you texts previously used.

      You then just need to select the chosen option and the program will automatically fill the other row cells. 

      More information...

      Impeccable journal

      The Transactions table is in fact your journal.

      It is clearly organized and can be printed directly or saved in a PDF format.
      You can also print specific periods or selected rows only; you can also select and change the columns display.

      When you enter a transaction, all accounts totals will automatically be updated, so you can always have a global view of your business.

      You can also use colors, both in the text and row background, in order to highlight some entries and quickly find your data.

      More information...

      Memorize and recall recurring transactions

      You can select your recurring transactions and save them in the Recurring transactions table; you can then automatically recall them when needed.

      More information...




      Import data from e-banking and credit card statements

      You can import your e-banking transactions or your credit card transactions directly into your Banana file, with no need of manually writing them.

      We now have import filters for all major banks and institutions, and they are constantly updated. If your bank doesn't appear in the list of the available filters, we can create one for you.

      More information...




      Immediate printouts and report - customizable settings

      You can personalize the printouts of your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement.

      You can activate/deactivate several options in order to present your data just as you want; choose from different graphic styles, change colors, etc. You can play around and see the results in your Print preview.

      When printing your Balance sheet you can also include a text for the Swiss attachment


      Save your personal printing settings

      With the Compositions command, it is easy to setup custom printouts. You can save several printing settings for Balance sheet, Account details, extract and sort rows, addresses and labels, ...

      More information...






      The program is available in several languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese.

      You can change the program language at any time.

      Each file can be created in a different language; in our template section on our website, you can choose files in different languages.

      In order to change the language of an existing file you need to convert it into a new file choosing the desired language.

      More information...


      You can have as many accounts in foreign currencies as you need, and enter your exchange rates in the Exchange rates table. You can also keep an history log of your exchange rates.

      Exchange rate calculations and exchange rate differences are all done automatically.

      You can have your Balance sheet, your Profit and Loss statements and several reports in a second currency as well.

      More information...


      Banana Accounting has no limits on mandates.

      You can manage an unlimited number of mandates, each one with its personal settings: language, currency, VAT management, ...

      VAT codes by nation

      When creating a new file with the VAT/Sales tax management option, and you choose a specific nation, you will find a VAT Codes table that already contains all the VAT codes used in that nation.

      The VAT Codes table can however always be edited, in case you need specific codes or if some new legislation comes into effect.

      More information...

      Specific Apps by nation

      Banana Apps are applications that allow you to obtain specific printouts or reports from the Banana program; some Apps are already available for free, you just need to download them!

      You can also create your own Apps in order to have very specific report presentation, comply to specific local law requirements, such as for example the Swiss "curatele", or specific association's needs.

      More information....



      Clients and suppliers' management

      You can easily manage your Clients and Suppliers.

      You will be able to know, at any time, if you have expired or still unpaid invoices.

      You can also have the historic detail for each client or supplier.

      In the opening balances, you can go back to the invoices that determine the amounts.

      Countless reports, also by period

      Reporting possibilities are endless.

      Choose the columns to display, change headers, change colors.

      You can also create external reports with the groupings you want.

      More information...



      Excel data synchronization

      If you want your data in Excel, you do not have to copy, paste, or export any data anymore
      The ExcelSync features allow you to recover Banana data in Excel and create sheets and graphs that update automatically.

      When new transactions are added, the Excel spreadsheets are immediately updated and calculated. This feature is not available for Apple / Mac.


      Export data in different formats

      With Banana Accounting you can export data in various formats: Html, Excel, Xml, Txt.

      Export can be performed on a data selection or for the whole accounting file.

      You can also decide to export only specific rows.

      More information...





      Custom Apps development

      If you need special printout, reports or some specific outputs, please contact us: we are available to create custom applications.

      Submit your ideas!

      Automated checks

      Any errors are reported automatically.
      You can also make extensive controls.

      If there are any accounting differences or if there are differences in the opening balances, there is a command to automatically find them in the Accounts or Transactions table.

      More information...





      Security and certification

      Password file protection

      Each file can be password protected.

      The password can be changed or deleted anytime.

      More information...


      Rows protection

      In order to work more at ease, you can protect the rows that are already definitive in your file, to avoid tampering or accidental changes.

      Protected rows can be unprotected.

      More information...


      Transactions lock

      You can lock all or just some transactions; thanks to the digital certification, you can be certain that they haven't been changed.

      You can also just protect your transactions to prevent accidental tampering.

      More information...

      Data certification with blockchain system

      The integrity of the accounting data is guaranteed
      by a state-of-the-art certification system (US Patent No. 7,020,640), the same used by electronic coins such as the bitcoin.

      More information...


      Store your file in PDF format (or just parts of it)

      You can save all your file in PDF format, or choose what parts of it to print.

      You can store the entire file in PDF, allowing you to always guarantee your data integrity.

      Many options are available.

      More information...

      Automatic Backups

      The program automatically saves, at a frequency in minutes that you can define, in a backup file.

      If the program or computer crash, you can retrieve the data by opening this file.

      More information...




      Compatibility and sharing

      Compatible with previous versions

      Banana Accounting 8 maintains the same usage patterns and compatibility with previous versions.

      Files created with previous versions can be opened and all data is fully maintained.

      For all operating systems

      Banana Accounting 8 is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS. Banana files are interchangeable between different versions.

      More information...

      Cloud sharing

      Banana files can be saved on all Cloud systems: Dropbox, I-Cloud, Google Drive, ... so that you can access your accounting data anytime, anywhere.

      Send your Banana files by email

      Each Banana file can be sent by email, shared, saved on a USB stick, and so on.

      There is also a handy command from the File menu that automatically creates an e-mail message with your attached Banana file, ready to be sent.





      360 degrees support

      Online documentation

      More than 500 pages of free online documentation, divided by topic, with step-by-step images and explanations.

      Direct link to the error

      Any error is immediately reported.
      Alongside the error there is a symbol ? with direct link to the error explanation page and its solution.

      Free support

      Support by phone or email is free for 12 months from the date of purchase and for topics related to the use of the program.

      Technical Advanced Support

      Technical support and custom solutions development (Apps).

      Contact form
      Support page




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