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Start immediately

1,2,3, and your accounting is done!

You can start working right away, in 3 easy steps:


Create your own file

Open the program and choose your preferred accounting method, the nation and one of the existing templates.

You can also choose from one of the hundreds free online templates; you can select them by language, nation, or activity.

Templates page


Customize your accounts

In the Categories or Accounts table (depending on your chosen accounting method), you can customize your accounts by adding or deleting accounts/categories, by creating group or subgroups, etc.

You can always edit your chat of accounts and make changes all year long.


Enter transactions

You can now start entering transactions in the Transactions table.
The program will help you in several ways: it can automatically reload recurring operations, copy/paste data, suggest texts and many other tricks to speed your work!

In case of an error the program immediately reports it ad you can correct it at any moment.

When entering transaction you can also use colors, both in the text and in the cell background, to highlight and easy find texts.




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