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In order to obtain the membership list with all the data that are useful for an association, the user needs to proceed as follows:

  • In the Accounts table, at the end of the Chart of Accounts, the membership list can be created by using the CC3 cost center column.

  • Activate the Address view, selecting from the Tools menu, the Add new functionalities command
  • In the window that appears, confirm the option Add addresses columns in Accounts table
  • Insert the data of the members
  • For a print-out: select the rows that need to be printed and activate the printing option only Selection.

In order to record the transfers from every member in the Transactions table, insert the CC3 account for each member, using the CC3 column. In order to display the CC3 column, click on the Columns setup command of the Data menu; double click on CC3 and activate Visible check box.

In the Accounts table, the balance of the member's transactions is shown.

To see all of a member's transactions, double-click on the CC3 account number.

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