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Left and right headers

These are the two empty cells at the top where any desired text can be inserted which will be used as a header for print-outs (left and right).

Opening date

The opening date is the date when the accounting begins. It can also be left blank. If a date prior to the opening date is inserted when entries are made, the program will give an error message.

Closing date

This is the closing date of the accounting. It can also be left blank. If a date greater than the closing date is inserted when entries are made, the program will give an error message.

Basic currency

The code of the currency in which the accounting is being handled. You can enter any currency code, even the one that are not in the list.  When the code of the basic currency is being changed, the program changes the column headers for the amounts in basic currency using the new code.

In the multicurrency accounting files it is mandatory to select the basic currency, which will work as the funcional currency, the one used for the calculation of the Balance sheet and Profit & Loss statement.


Changing the basic currency symbol

If you change the basic currency symbol the program will not change the existing amounts. We advise you to change your basic currency symbol only if you don't have yet entered any opening balances and any transactions.

Accounting file WITHOUT foreign currencies

You can replace the basic currency symbol with the new symbol.

Accounting file WITH foreign currencies

  • Replace the currency symbol in the File properties dialog (from the File menu)
  • in the Accounts table
    • Select the whole Currency column (click on the column's header)
    • Use the Find and replace command from the Data menu and enter the old and the new currency symbol - make sure to check the Selected area only option. Replace all the symbols found.
  • in the Exchange rates table
    Enter the new exchange rates for all the currencies.
  • Give the Check accounting command from the Account1 menu.
  • If there are opening balances or transactions, the amounts and the exchange rates will have to be manually updated.

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