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Transaction date required
If this option is activated and then a transaction is entered without a date, there will be an error message.

Recalculate totals manually (F9)
If this option is activated, the program will not automatically recalculate the principal groups of the accounting file, but the user needs to use the F9 key.

File from previous year
By using the Browse button, the user can select a file from the previous year.

Smart fill with transactions from previous year
If this cell is checked, the program keeps the transactions from the previous year in memory, and offers them as Smart Fill while the user inputs new entries.

Use the minus sign (-) as segments separator
When this option is activated, the segments have to be entered in the Transactions table with the minus (-) sign preceding the segment code. When this option is deactivated, the segments need to be entered with the colon sign (:), as in the chart of accounts. The colon needs to always preced the segment code.

Records (+/-) cost centers according to the category
This function is active only for Simple accounting and Cash book. By activating this box, the amount is entered in the cost center (positive or negative) according to the category.

If, instead, this option is not active, in order to enter a negative value, it is necessary to enter a minus sign before the cost center (-CC).


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