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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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Banana Accounting applications are Javascript applications that use Banana specific programming interfaces (API Application Program Interface).
Thanks to the Banana applications, users have the ability to add new extensions that cover a wide range of needs: reporting, calculating, export, import and much more.
In order to see all available Apps and for more information, please visit the BananaApps list page.

Apps Menu

The Apps menu allows you to run the applications and manage them (add, remove, enable, ...).
Only applications that fulfill the necessary requirements are listed in the Apps menu:

  • Applications of the same type of the current file
  • In the File properties, they should have the properties required by the Banana application
    You can assign the required properties to the current file with the Apply property button.


Add/Install a Banana App by downloading the file

In order to use a Banana application, you first need to add it in the Info window list of the Apps menu::

  1. Download and save the application file on your computer
    1. You can choose freely where to save the Banana App file. Usually:
      • Use the Accounting directory, in case the file relates to a specific accounting file
      • Create a directory for the BananaApps, where the applications that are being used for more than one accounting can be saved.
    2. The Banana application is a text file
      If you click on the link containing a Banana application, you will see the Javascript program.
      • Use the Save page as command from your browser
      • Or, instead of clicking on the link, place yourself on the link, right click and choose the Save destination command
  2. Add the Banana application to the list of available applications:
    • Apps menu -> Manage Apps...
    • Manage Apps button (at the bottom of the dialog window)
    • Add from file button (at the bottom of the dialog window) and select the previously saved file (file with .js extension)
    • Click on the Open button.
The Apps installation and management procedure is not ideal yet. We are working to make it simpler.

How to execute a Banana application

  • Start Banana Accounting 8
  • Open the desired accounting file
  • Click on the Apps Menu
  • Click on the application that appears in the menu

The program executes the application automatically.

Develop/Create a new application

You need to create a text Javascript file matching the requirements for the Banana applications.
In order to write the text file we advise you to use a Text Editor specific for programming, also available for free (such as, for example, Notepad++).

In order to develop a Banana application, it is better to start from an existing project.


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