Starting a multi-currency accounting

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When starting to work with Banana multi-currency accounting, we suggest to choose one of the already configured examples and to personalize it instead of starting from a new blank file:

  • Choose the New command from the File menu and select the Multi-currency accounting type (with or without VAT management); then select the Example/Template that most suits your needs.

File and accounting properties - Foreign currency tab

Account for exchange rate profit
From the accounts list, select the one for the exchange rate profit.

Account for exchange rate loss
From the accounts list, select the one for the exchange rate loss.

Currency 2
It is possible to select a second currency in order to view the balances in a currency different from the basic one.

Exchange Rate valid even from basic currency
If this option is checked, the program will use the last entered exchange rate in the Exchange rate table (Exchange rate column).

You have to set up the chart of accounts making sure that there are accounts in foreign currencies and that there are accounts for the profit and loss from exchange rate variation.