Text imput, edit and Smart fill

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The most complete and up-to-date documentation is the one of Banana Accounting Plus: Try it now

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Entering a text

In order to enter a text position yourself in the cell you wish to write in. With a double click on the cell a drop down menu will appear with all the text previously entered; as you start writing the program automatically suggest similar text previously entered; select the appropriate text and:

  • press Enter - in order to automatically enter the selected text
  • press the F6 key - in order to automatically enter the selected text + all other row data (debit account, credit account, amount, ...)


Editing a text New!

As a new feature of Banana Accounting 7, you can now edit the text directly in the cell; just double-click the appropriate cell (or press the F2 key) and enter the new text.
As you write the Smart fill option will assist you unless you disable it.

As in the previous versions, it is also possible to edit a text selecting the cell and entering the new text in the text imput area. On the left side of this area there are two button to undo or accept the entered text.

Entering an account number

Position yourself in the Debit or Credit account column and start entering the account number or account description; the program will suggest you all the accounts with a similar number or description. Choose the appropriate one with the Down arrow key and press Enter.

      Attention: to deactivate last year's smart fill, you must deactivate the Smart fill with transactions from previous year option from the File and accounting properties command (Options tab - File menu).