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In the accounting file, a table can be added to manage items and link them to individual transactions via the Item Id (item identifier) that is entered in the Item column.

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This feature is very powerful and useful because it allows the following automations:

  •  To integrate a list of products or an inventory with descriptions, quantities, prices and groupings into the accounting.
  •  In the Transations table, by entering invoices and simply indicating the Item Id (Item identifier) in the Item column, the description, price and account are taken over.
  •  In the transaction row, by entering the quantity (positive or negative), the programme automatically updates the existing quantity balance. It thus functions as a small warehouse. 

Some extensions, such as those for securities management, make use of this functionality, to manage the list of securities, have an inventory and calculate the accounting profit or loss at the time of sale.

Activate the functionality

The functionality is enabled from the menu Tools menu > Add/remove functionalites.  

The options are as follows:


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