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Banana Web Accounting is based on the innovative WebAssembly technology, which allows the application to run locally in modern browsers without installing anything. Furthermore, you don't even have to register or give out any e-mails, and your personal accounting data remains private (which is NOT the case with other cloud programmes).

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Information on Banana Accounting Web

  • Banana Web is based on WebAssembly technology and runs internally in the browser.
  • It is a first version, released to complement the desktop version.
  • Works on most modern browsers.
  • Personal data remains private.
  • No need to register.
  • It offers most of the features of Banana Accounting + for desktop.
  • It works within the browser and to open and save files on the computer, the user must give permission.
  • It is the same code as the desktop application, but with limitations due to the use of WebAssembly
  • WebAssembly is a developing technology and has some limitations.
  • Uses QT libraries, WebAssembly, version 5.15.3 (commercial license).
  • It can be used for free for the moment.


  • WebAssembly is a new standard for applications that run on any computer.
  • WebAssembly programs run in separate compartments and cannot access the operating system. They are therefore very safe.
  • It is a technology developed by the most important technology companies, which will be further improved and will bring significant benefits.
  • The WebAssembly application is very fast, because it is downloaded and compiled immediately for the specific operating system and processor.
  • When you load the program the second time, the browser uses the copy already in memory, so it works faster.
  • When a new version of the program is published, the browser should automatically load the new version.


WebAssembly is a brand new technology and this is the first public version of Banana Web Accounting. Compared to the desktop version, there are important limitations:

  • If you close the browser or the browser tab that displays the application, without saving, the data is lost.
  • It does not yet support all dialogues. Some commands are therefore not available.
  • Since it cannot access local files, it does not provide Recent and Favorites functions.
  • It does not allow the installation of Extensions.
  • The Invoices and Offers application is not available.
  • Drag and drop is not supported.
  • Files can be opened and saved using the very limited file access offered by browsers.
  • Resizing dialogs with the mouse is difficult.
  • It does not support accessibility features, such as native applications for various operating systems.
  • It does not work with small screens, touch screens and virtual keyboards.
  • If you have problems loading or running, it may be helpful to clear your browser cache. We recommend using Chrome or Edge.

The program can be used free of charge. We invite you to try it out and give us your impressions and feedback.

 Minimum requirements and browser settings

  • Banana Web Accounting is compatible with the most recent versions of the following browsers:
    • Mozilla Firefox (only the 64-bit version; the 32-bit version is not supported)
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Apple Safari
      • Set "Disable multiple source restrictions" in the browser's Develop menu
        (without this setting it will not download templates)
  • If the program does not display dialogs correctly, for example if they are cut off, it is recommended to update your browser to the latest version available and set the browser page zoom to 100%.

Banana Accounting Web Roadmap

WebAssembly is definitely the future for application development. We hope within a year to have a version that has the same functionality as the desktop version:

  • Remove current restrictions.
  • Allow files to be opened and saved locally.
  • Connect to save your accounting data directly to the cloud.
  • Allow multiple people to work on the same accounts at the same time.
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