Dialoogvenster Tegenrekening vervangen in de transactietabel

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This dialog is displayed when

  • checking the option Apply Rules in the dialog Import transactions
  • or selecting the command Actions → Recurring Transactions → Replace Temporary contra account...

replace contra-account

The dialog is separated in three parts:

Filter part

  • Temporary contra account: filters all transactions that contain the specific contra account, for instance [CA]
  • Account: filters all transactions that contain the specific account, usually a Bank account or [A].

Transactions part

It shows all transactions that have the appropriate Temporary and Import Account, grouped by

  • Transactions that have a rule match, grouped by
    • The Money In and Money Out.
      • The Rules of the Recurring Transaction with a Match 
  • Transactions with no rule applying, grouped by
    • The Money In and Money Out.

The button lines

  • Expand All/Collapse All: display or hide the items in the treeview.
  • Display all rules: display all rules defined in the table Recurring transactions, if not selected only the matching rules will be displayed.
  • Display all transactions: display also the transactions that have no matching rule.
  • Remove commented accounts: If the rules apply, each transaction must reference the import account to properly filter the lines. It is for this reason that the detail lines contain the commented import account. This only happens to multi-line transactions, which consist of a main line with the overall credit or debit total and one or more subsequent lines with the details of the transactions. 
  • OK: apply the active rules and close the dialog.
    • The Temporary contra account will be replaced for all transactions that have a rule match.
    • New or edited rules are saved in the Recurring Transactions table.
  • Cancel: close the dialog without applying the rules.
    • If there are changes to the rules , a confirmation will be asked before closing the dialog.
    • The changes made with the Apply button are not reversed. If you need to reverse use the Undo function.
  • Apply Rules: apply the rules without closing the dialog.
    • The Temporary contra account will be replaced for all transactions that have a rule match.
    • Pending added or edited rules will be saved to the Recurring Transaction Table.
    • If you want to reverse the changes, you have to close the Dialog and undo the operations.
  • Edit rule/Delete rule... allows to edit or delete the selected rule in the dialog. Change.s will  be made in the Recurring Transactions table only when you click on Apply or confirm the closing of the dialog.
  • Add new rule You can add new rules only starting from transactions that have no match.

Add and Edit Replacements Rules

replace contra-account

It open a Dialog that let you specify the parameters of the Replacement rule.
Once the rule is created a new rule row is added on the Recurring transaction Table and you can modify the rule directly in the Table.
The Dialog let you specify the basic structure of a rule. If you need to add other information you can work directly in the Recurring Transactions table.
You can also define Split rules only in Recurring Transactions table.

Workflow for using the Dialog

  1. Verify the transactions with a match, if everything is correct.
  2. Use the button Apply to Replace the Temporary contra account.
  3. Add new rules for the remaining Transactions and check if they apply as required.
  4. Use Apply again.
  5. Repeat the Steps 3 and 4 until you are done.

You can than complete the rules or add split rules in the Recurring Transaction Table.


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