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A video project is composed of different files. So you should create a new directory where you save all your files.

Structure of a video project

A video project is composed by:

  • A directory on your computer where to save all the files relative to the video project.
    • The first step is to create a new directory where your file will reside.
    • Put all file in project directory unless there is a real necessity to do otherwise. 
  • A Banana Video Project file (ac2).
    You can create a new file by:
    • Menu File > New file > Tutorial Maker > Create empty file
      Save the file to your directory
    • By copying an existing one to your directory.
  • The image files with the screen capture.
    When possible create images with size 1920x1080 pixels or else with the 16:9 format.
  • Other images files that are used for titles or slides.
    Image size should be 1920x1080 pixels.
  • If you are creating a video you can also save in the directory the files that are the base for the video creation(accounting file, presentation file or else).
  • Directory for language specific images.
    • Assume you have created the clips images in English.
    • Create a sub-directory "it" where you will save the captured images in italian.
      If the software, when building the "it" video, will find an image with the same name in the directory it will use it instead of the one that is in the main directory. 

Example video projects

You can try the following examples

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