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The Video Tutorial application help software developers automate the process creation of video that explain how a solutions works. You capture screen shot of your application, write the explanation text, and the software will generate the voice and create the video sequences based on the length of the speech. has developed this application for internal use, for creating our Banana Accounting video tutorials in different languages.

It is a very effective, but it is not for everyone. It has been conceive for developers, it has a minimalist interface and many commands must be specified and edited manually.

How it works

Assuming you are creating a video tutorial for a desktop application.

  1. You capture screen shots and save to a directory (size 1920x1080).
  2. In the Clip table you enter all the information needed to create a video:
    • The image to be used.
    • Create effects on the image. Like highlighting a part of image, adding an arrow or a circle.
    • The text and voice style to use. 
    • The text to be used for titles and/or for the text to speech.
    • The text translated to other languages.
  3. You give the build video command and the program, based on the language you specify:
    • It add effects, titles and subtitles to the images.
    • It generates the speech files using the Microsoft or Google voices you choose.
    • For each images it create a video sequence.
      The duration of the sequence is the duration of the speech, or one you specify. .
    • A final video is crated by putting together all video sequences.

    Table Clips

    Modify and translate a video

    This video creation tool does not offer the advanced and creative functionalities of a typical video creation software, instead it is very useful to modify or translate.

    The speech is automatically generated based on the text entered, so you simply change the text and the voice-over and the length of the video sequence is changed accordingly.  It makes it easier to improve and create new version of the video.

    It also excel in the translation process. You just enter the translated text in the specific column and a voice over is generated automatically and also the video sequence is adapted to the exact duration of the speech. 

    Video tutorial of the Video tutorial application

    Create video from images, with speech, subtitles and text decorations.

    Here is the full project and files on

    For software developers only

    The Video Tutorial Application provides sophisticated video and speech automation functionalities.  It has been developed for use of our software developers.

    The application is in alpha status, it has been optimized for our internal use. It requires a specific setup, it still lacks error controls and messages are only available in English. Currently it therefore mostly suitable for software developers and very advanced users.

    The structure and format of data can change over time and we may not provide a transition path. Also the conditions of use and prices are provisional. At any time and with no advice, we may change the technical content, availability, conditions and prices.

    We welcome any feedback or suggestions.







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