Translate the speech and subtitles of a video

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You can easily translate the video in another language.

  • The speech is generated automatically by the computer.
  • The speech and subtitles remain placed on the same time position.
  • If the translated speech does not fit in the original video segment, the specific segment will be automatically speed down to fit the speech.

Here we explain how to translate speech of an existing video.


  • A video file with subtitles in SRT format or with a Youtube transcript.

Translating an existing video with SRT subtitles

  • Save the original video in the project directory.
  • Create a new Banana video file (ac2).
  • In the Table Clips column Clips enter the file name of the original video.
  • Menu Actions>Import subtitles.
    Choose the subtitle type.


  • Menu Action>Add language column.
    Enter the 2 letter column
  • Translate the text to another language with an online translation tool like
    • Select and copy the text column.
    • Past to a translation tools.
    • Copy and paste the translated text to added language column.
  • Menu Actions->Build video and choose the language.




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