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    Payment reminder (Banana+)

    Invoice reminders

    The extension allows you to print payment reminders for invoices created with the Invoicing integrated in the accounting.

    With the Estimates and Invoices application it is currently not possible to print payment reminders.


    To use this extension it is necessary to:

    Settings Dialog

    The layout allows you to set some parameters of the reminder. To access the settings:

    • From the menu Extensions > Manage Extensions.
      • Select the Installed section on the left.
      • Select the Payment Reminder (Banana+) extension.
      • Click on the ">" arrow before the name.
      • Select Payment Reminder (Banana+).
      • Click on Settings.

    The extension settings dialog opens.

    reminder print settings

    The settings are organized as follows:

    • Include page header
    • Print Logo
      • Include the logo in the page header. The logo must first be set up with the Logo setup function.
    • Name logo customization
      • Enter the name of the logo customization defined in Logo setup, respecting upper and lower case.
    • Texts
      You can define texts in the following languages: Italian, French, German, English and Dutch.
      The language to be used in printing is chosen according to the language indicated for the client in the Accounts table, Address view, Language column. If no language is indicated for the client, the default accounting language is used.
      • Title
        Optional text entered before the details table.
      • Begin text
        Optional text on multiple lines inserted immediately after the title.
      • Final text
        Optional text on multiple lines inserted at the end.
    • Font type
      • Enter the name of the font you want to use (e.g. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, ...).
    • Text color of header details
      • Select  the color you want to use for the header text in the columns of the details table.

    Error messages

    @error Address: missing name/business

    Set the customer's first and last name or company name in the Accounts table > Address view > First name, Family name, Organisation columns.

    @error Address: missing ZIP code

    Set the customer's zip code in the Accounts table > Address view > Zip column.

    @error Address: missing locality

    Set the customer's locality in the Accounts table > Address view > Locality column.


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