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Banana Accounting+ allows you to use the scanner to read QR-Codes to generate transactions or payments. The scanner must send data as a keyboard, like a USB-Scanner with "RAW via keyboard simulation" configuration.

If you are a scanner manufacturer or a user and want to test your scanner with banana accounting+, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the latest version of Banana Accounting Dev-Channel
  2. Activate Banana Accounting software with an Advanced License Key.
    If you don’t have one you can ask our support team
  3. Connect your scanner, usually to an USB port of your computer
  4. Download and open the sample accounting file accounting_2023.ac2
  5. Select the command Reports -> Suppliers -> Scan QR Code...
    If you don't see this command check if you are using the Dev Channel Version (Step 1) and you have activated the Advanced License key (step 2).
  6. Clic on the window Scan code and scan the code with your scanner.
    Be aware that the window must have the focus
  7. Click on Finish and a new row with the payment data will be added to the table transaction
  8. Select this row and double-clic on the Payment Data column
  9. The dialog Payment data will show all the data from your QR-Code
    If characters are not read correctly, such as accents or carriage returns, you need to configure your scanner. Please download and read the reference guide of your scanner

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