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Upgrade now from the Professional plan to the Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Plus; it includes many additional features that speed up and reduce your working time. It also includes support via email and telephone.

Users from Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Login into your user account, Subscriptions section, and then click on the Upgrade to Advanced button.

The cost of the upgrade is calculated pro-rata.

New 2024 Swiss VAT rates

On January 1st 2024 the VAT in Switzerland will change. To allow all our users to smoothly transition, the new Banana extension for the Swiss VAT Statement 2024 is available for all Banana Plus users until June 30, 2024. Starting from July 1st 2024, it will only be available with the Advanced plan.

International users

The upgrade to the Advanced plan is not automatic. Please contact our customer service.

Explore all the advantages of the Advanced plan

Frequently asked questions

I bought the Advanced plan, but I don't see it in the programme. What should I do?

If you purchased an Advanced plan subscription from our Swiss shop, reopen Banana Accounting Plus; from the Help menu > Manage subscription you should see the new plan. If not, click on the Synchronize account info button.
If you purchased an Advanced plan subscription from Share-it (international shop), after the purchase you received an email with a Product Key, which you need to enter in the programme. See how...

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