Windows 11: Compatibility with Banana Accounting+ and previous versions

News • 27/04/2022 •
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Banana Accounting Plus is compatible with Windows 11, while the previous versions of Banana are considered unstable or not compatible with Windows 11. Please see the details below.


Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 is the new version with various innovations that only work on new generation personal computers equipped with advanced security systems. Windows 11, while offering good compatibility with existing programs, introduces a whole series of new features and advancements that require adapted programs.

Microsoft is making Windows 11 available for free to all users who have Windows 10 and suitable computers.

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system that has been updated repeatedly and continues to be updated. New versions have introduced new features and drivers that previously developed programs don't support or create incompatibilities.

Banana Accounting Plus is compatible with Windows 11

Keeping a software compatible with the new systems is very challenging. The cycle of new versions of Banana every 3 years was no longer sustainable and for this reason, with Banana Accounting Plus, we switched to the subscription system.
Banana Accounting Plus can be adapted and evolved in a progressive way. In this manner, the owners of the subscription have at their disposal a software that is constantly updated, that presents continuous improvements, without additional expenses.
Since its release in 2020, several versions have already been released and we are already up to the new version 10.0.12.
The subscription caused some perplexity at the beginning, but the more time passes, the more the advantages are indisputable.

This new system allows us to keep Banana Accounting Plus in line with the evolutions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 and to more easily implement the users' requests.
In a way that is almost invisible to our users, we are adopting a whole series of new technologies that will allow Banana Accounting to remain constantly compatible with the new desktop, mobile and web operating systems also in the years to come, see Roadmap 2022.

Banana Accounting 9 is classified "unstable" with Windows 11

Banana Accounting 9 is a high quality software, very appreciated by our users, but it is not designed for Windows 11 and it has not been updated since 2019.
It works on Windows 11, but it is classified as unstable, and in fact customers are reporting us problems with certain configurations and devices. Furthermore, the graphics are no longer at the level of Windows 11.

Banana 9 is still available, for Windows 10 users, but is no longer being updated. Windows 10 is also evolving, updates are continuously released, so it is possible that new versions of Windows 10 introduce incompatibilities and that the program no longer works as expected.

Banana Accounting 8 and previous versions are not compatible

Banana Accounting 8 and previous versions are high quality products designed, however, for operating systems of several years ago. They can run on Windows 10 and Windows 11, but in different configurations, they prove to be unstable or they may not even work completely.
Banana 8 and previous versions are no longer considered compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. For this reason, to avoid problems for users, we no longer make the files available for installation.

If you experience any such problems, please do not contact our technical support, as we cannot do anything, the only solution is to update to Banana Accounting Plus.

Switch to Banana Accounting Plus

Those who have adopted BananaPlus are very satisfied, they have no inconveniences due to the new operating systems and have also noticed that it offers a mix of functionality, ease and speed superior to the previous versions.

Banana Accounting Plus is also obviously fully compatible with the previous versions and the way of use is also the same. All you have to do is install it, launch it and open your files.

If you don't have it yet, switch immediately to Banana Accounting Plus, you have 1 month FREE and pay only CHF 69/year (€ 60 + VAT/year) for the Professional plan!

See all the new features and improvements.