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Do you need to renew your Banana Accounting Plus subscription? Did you use a free period and now wish to subscribe? You are in the right place!

Renewal from Switzerland or Liechtenstein

Renew your subscription now, even before it expires: the 12 months will be added to the remaining ones. During renewal you can choose to continue with the same plan or choose a different one.
Important: use the same email address you used before

Prices in CHF include VAT.
Once the purchase is complete, reopen Banana Accounting Plus. From the Help menu → Manage subscription you should see the new plan. If not, click on the Synchronize account info button.

International renewal

Our international shop is managed by our partner Share-it.
A month before expiry, Share-it will send you an email reminder about the renewal:

  • Payment by credit card or Pay Pal: at the end of the 12 months Share-it will renew the subscription automatically and will send you a new Product Key, which you must activate.
  • Payment by bank transfer: before the expiry, Share-it will send you an email with the bank details for the renewal. Once Share-it receives the settlement, a new Product Key which needs to be activated, will be generated. 

If at the time of renewal you want to change your subscription plan, please contact our customer service.
If you have been using a promotional free period, and now you want to continue by purchasing a subscription, please go to the purchase page.

Upgrade to the Advanced plan

The Advanced plan of Banana Accounting Pus has many additional features and includes support via email and telephone. You can switch from the Professional plan to the Advanced plan at any time. For more information please visit the Upgrade page.


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