Accounting for Non-profit organizations abroad

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For non-profit organizations that operate or have projects abroad, Banana Accounting Plus software is the ideal solution because it allows you to easily manage multi-currency accounting and work in locations without an internet connection.

With Banana you can easily start accounting for Non-profit organizations and immediately obtain the balance sheet and the income statement.

Multi-currency accounting template for Associations

Banana Accounting Plus makes available a multi-currency accounting template that is highly customizable and that allow a very fast start.

Video: How to manage Multi-currency accounting

Work without internet connection

Banana Accounting Plus is perfect to be used in places where there is no internet connection, since it is NOT a cloud software. Therefore, if for your association you have to work in places where the internet connection is scarce or absent, you will be able to manage your accounting easily (the connection is needed only the first time you download the accounting template to start with).

Easily manage projects abroad

Thanks to the Cost and Profit Centers, managing projects and events abroad of your association is very simple! In this way you can manage and keep under control, at any time, the income and expenses of a project wherever you are and even in the local currency.

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