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Banana Accounting is very suitable for organizations operating abroad.

  • Highly customizable to conform to your specific country requirements
  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Reporting accepted by international auditors
  • Reporting for the main accounting, for specific projects and for donors (cost and profit centers)
  • Easy to use, so even non professional accountants can work with it
  • Non Internet dependent - once the software is installed you can also work off-line
  • Data can be shared email or with a cloud system (dropbox, icloud)
  • Easy to operate, with no need to of local technicians
  • Data compatibility with Excel and other software
  • Affordable
  • Expenses and income under control every day
  • Financial planning in order to understand the progress of your organization and take decisions by intervening in advance
  • Create your reports to get a monthly or annual overview of the economic and financial situation

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Once you have downloaded Banana Accounting, use these accounting templates in order to exploit all the benefits:

Resources for NGOs and associations

Once you have entered your transactions you can get professional reports and printouts for associations and much more in just a few clicks:

Case study

Helvetas - Blockchain decentralized accounting

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